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Environmental considerations permeate almost every facet of modern life, and concern for “the environment” is practically universal. The minor in Environmental Studies is designed to provide students with the opportunity to become conversant in a range of environmental topics, whether as private citizens in their daily lives or as professional members of corporate, government, legal, medical, and educational circles. The minor draws on topics and perspectives from the natural and physical sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities to underscore the interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues and problems. Students taking the minor are encourage to integrate the program with their major of study focus in order to gain a competitive advantage in grappling with environmental topics. 

Minor Requirements

ENS 201 - Environmental and Sustainability Studies I [3 hours]
ENS 202 - Environmental and Sustainability Studies II [3 hours]
PHI 336 - Environmental Ethics [3 hours]
ENG 425 - Environmental Writing [3 hours]
Students must also complete three additional credit hours from each of the ENS Areas of Expertise: Economics, Environment, and Society. For a complete list of approved courses please see the UKY Bulletin [9 hours]
Total Hours - 21 
Environmental Studies Minor