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Technology and big data drive our modern world, and people trained in history provide the context, cultural fluency, and ethical awareness to make meaning of it. Because they can make these connections, our graduates find good paying and rewarding jobs in expected fields like law, education, and public history, but also in unexpected places like corporate marketing, health care administration, and data analytics. We train individuals to sift through large quantities of information, interpret it, and persuade others to act. Our students are inspired by a diverse and award-winning faculty and by fellow students who are not afraid to question and debate. Many history students double major or minor in other fields. Studying history at the University of Kentucky will position you to succeed in a rapidly changing workforce, but just as importantly, it will fuel your curiosity and give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your world. 

Minor Requirements

A six-hour sequential introduction to the history of a civilization or a nation. This may be selected from:
HIS 104 – A History of Europe Through the Mid-Seventeenth Century
HIS 105 – A History of Europe From the Mid-Seventeenth Century to Present
HIS 106 – Western Culture: Science and Technology I
HIS 107 – Western Culture: Science and Technology II
HIS 108 – History of the United States Through 1876
HIS 109 – History of the United States Since 1877
HIS 202 – History of the British People to the Restoration
HIS 203 – History of the British People Since the Restoration
HIS 229 – The Ancient Near East and Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great
HIS 230 – The Hellenistic World and Rome to the Death of Constantine
HIS 295 – East Asia to 1800
HIS 296 – East Asia Since 1600
HIS 370 – Early Middle Ages
HIS 371 – Later Middle Ages
HIS 385 – History of Russia to 1825
HIS 386 – History or Russia to 1825
Students must also complete 12 additional hours of course work at or above the 300 level, at least six hours of which must be at or above the 400 level. No more than 12 of the 18 hours required may be in any one of the subfields of American History, European History, or History of the non-Western world.
Total Hours – 18
History Minor