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International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students to explore global issues in disciplines such as anthropology, economics, history, political science, geography, foreign languages, English and the arts. Students will choose course work focused around a central theme and geographical region. Cultural knowledge will be developed further through expanded foreign language study. The program culminates in a capstone senior project. Study abroad is highly encouraged, although not required, for the International Studies major.

Minor Requirements

A minor in International Studies requires 18 credit hours, 12 of which must be at the 300 level or above. Nine of the 18 credit hours should be in either a thematic or area concentration. No more than nine credit hours from any other major can apply to the minor. All 18 credit hours must be in approved International Studies courses. For a complete list of approved courses, please see the UKY Bulletin.

Total Hours – 18

International Studies Minor