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Physics is the study of matter, energy, motion, and force. Many students study physics because they enjoy it, and they find that physics is exciting and intellectual stimulating.  Physics majors develop the problem-solving and analytic skills that many employers value, allowing many of our graduates to enter the workforce directly, while some of our graduates continue their studies with graduate work in physics or related areas.

Minor Requirements 

PHY 231 - General University Physics and PHY 241 - General University Physics Laboratory OR PHY 211 - General Physics [5 hours]
PHY 232 - General University Physics and PHY 242 - General University Physics Laboratory OR PHY 213 - General Physics [5 hours]
MA 113 - Calculus I OR MA 137 - Calculus I with Life Science Applications [4 hours]
MA 114 - Calculus II OR MA 138 - Calculus II with Life Science Applications [4 hours]
PHY 228 - Optics, Relativity and Thermal Physics [3 hours]
MA 213 - Calculus III [4 hours]
PHY 361 - Principles of Modern Physics [3 hours]

Total Hours - 28 

Physics Minor