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The Minor in Professional and Technical Writing, launched Fall 2015, is designed for students interested in professional and technical writing careers, as well as students from a variety of disciplines who are interested in adding a credential that may help them distinguish themselves on the job market and in their careers.

The most important skills that employers want universities to emphasize are (a) critical thinking and analytical reasoning, (b) the ability to analyze and solve complex problems, and (c) the ability to communicate effectively in writing (Hart Research, 2015). These are exactly the skills you'll develop and practice with a Minor in PTW.

In (non-WRD) college courses that require writing, the focus is typically trained on only one or two forms: the finished essay or report. But professionals in every field make knowledge every day through many other forms of writing, too. Such genres are often informal, temporary, coordinative, and transformative. This is how professional and organizational knowledge is produced. According to a 2015 Hart Research study, the ability to communicate effectively in writing and the ability to communicate effectively orally are among the top four skills employers tell colleges to emphasize. We see in articles and blog posts, over and over, the need for students from across the disciplines to write well. And we know that demand for technical writers remains strong. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, career prospects (2012–2022) for technical writers are nearly double that of other media jobs, with projections strongly outpacing the rate of aggregate occupations in the U.S. economy.

The organizations that hire UK students will assume that they’re good at things their major covered. What they really want are candidates who are good at writing and communicating in the ways that professionals write and communicate. This is what the PTW Minor is designed to address.

Preminor Requirements

Students must fulfill the Composition and Communication Core requirement: 
WRD/CIS 110 - Composition and Communication I [3 hours]
WRD/CIS 111 - Composition and Communication II [3 hours]
WRD/CIS 112 - Accelerated Composition and Communication II [3 hours]

Minor Requirements 

WRD 204 - Technical Writing [3 hours]
WRD 300 - Introduction to Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies [3 hours]
WRD 306 - Introduction to Professions in Writing [3 hours]
WRD 406 - Topics in Professional Writing [3 hours]
Students must also choose 6 additional hours from the following [6 hours]
WRD 203 - Business Writing [3 hours]
WRD 208 - Multimedia Writing [3 hours]
WRD 301 - Style for Writers [3 hours]
WRD 322 - Rhetoric and Argument [3 hours]
WRD 405 - Editing English Prose [3 hours]
WRD 408 - Digital Composing [3 hours]

Total Hours - 18*

*Total number does not include pre-minor requirement 

Minor Sheet