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Linguistics is an interdisciplinary program combining resources from English, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, computer science, and the foreign languages, to develop an understanding of the nature and implications of human language. The Linguistics program provides solid foundations in phonological and grammatical analysis, as well as opportunities to investigate the social, cultural, psychological, and physical aspects of language use.

Minor Requirements

LIN 221 – Introduction to Linguistics I: Theoretical Foundations and Analysis [3 hours]
LIN 222 – Introduction to Linguistics II: Language in Context [3 hours]
Choose one phonetics/phonology course [3 hours]
LIN 500 – Phonetics
LIN 515 – Phonological Analysis
Choose one morphosyntact/semantic course [3 hours]
LIN 512 – Analysis of English Syntax
LIN 505 – Linguistics Morphology
LIN 509 – Semantics and Pragmatics
LIN 516 – Grammatical Typology
Choose two other LIN courses at 300 level or above [6 hours]
Total Hours - 18


Linguistics Minor