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A minor is a structured group of courses that leads to considerable knowledge and understanding of a subject, although with less depth than a major. Some employers consider minors desirable, and the corresponding major requirements at the University may stipulate a minor. Some students choose to complement their major program with a minor in a related field or even in an entirely different field of interest.

Minor Requirements

BIO 308 - General Microbiology [3 hours]
BIO 309 - Microbiology Laboratory [2 hours]
BCH 401G - Fundamentals of Biochemistry OR BIO 315 - Introduction to Cell Biology [3-4 hours] OR CHE 550 - Biological Chemistry I OR CHE 552 - Biological Chemistry II [3 hours] 
Students must select one course from the following [3 hours]:
BIO/MI 494G - Immunobiology
BIO/MI 495G - Bacterial Pathogenesis
BIO/MI 582 - Virology
Students must complete 7 or 8 hours of approved electives to make a total of 19 hours. For a complete list of approved courses please consult the UKY bulletin.

Total Hours - 19

Microbiology Minor