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Psychology is the scientific study of all aspects of human behavior. Topics studied by psychologists include: brain function, moods and feelings, normal and abnormal thought processes, personality, interactions among people, and many more. Training in psychology emphasizes research skills, critical thinking abilities, and communication skills. Because these competencies are relevant to many domains, training in psychology provides a good foundation for many different careers.

Minor Requirements 

PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology or equivalent [3-4 hours]
PSY 215 - Experimental Psychology [4 hours]

Complete four of the following five courses:

PSY 223 - Developmental Psychology [3 horus]
PSY 311 - Learning and Cognition [3 hours]
PSY 312 - Brain and Behavior [3 hours]
PSY 313 - Personality and Individual Differences [3 hours]
PSY 314 - Social Psychology and Cultural Processes [3 hours]

Total Hours - 19-20

Psychology Minor