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With a focus on Agricultural Education, a degree in Career and Technical Education will help you become an agriculture advocate.  You’ll graduate with more than 200 hours of teaching experience, practical international experience, multicultural training, a license in agricultural education and a minimum of two agricultural minors.  This degree will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to create curriculum, training materials, advocacy campaigns, and deliver agriculture content to a variety of audiences.   

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This multidisciplinary degree will prepare you for a variety of areas including: 

  • Agricultural Education 
  • Extension 
  • Account Management 
  • Human Resources 
  • USDA Program Specialist 
  • Public Policy 
  • Law
"I’ve been able to find my dream career thanks to the Agricultural Education program. I had the opportunity to learn ‘people’ skills at the same time I was enrolled in turf management courses, and now I’m representing Dow AgriSciences at golf tournaments and trade shows. How can an avid amateur golfer do better than that?"


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There are three focus areas within this major:

  • Agricultural Teacher Education (ATE): focuses on 5th to 12th grade teacher certification in agricultural science education.  ATE works with school-based delivery techniques through classroom learning strategies.
  • Agricultural Industrial Education: focuses on the $6 billion training industry within corporate agriculture companies.  This area engages and collaborated in a variety of agricultural fields in order to assist companies with training curriculum, public relations material and advocacy techniques.
  • Agricultural STEM Education: for students interested in the ever-changing field of agricultural science and mathematics.  This emphasis area focuses on both the practice of teaching as well as two, or more, of the agricultural sciences.

In addition to receiving the degree, graduates attain Rank III teaching certification in Agricultural Education.

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