Interdisciplinary Education and Training

Central Appalachian Regional Education and Research Center (CARERC)

The CARERC is one of 18 university-based occupational safety and health training programs sponsored by NIOSH/CDC. The CARERC combines the academic resources of five colleges at the University of Kentucky (UK) and two colleges at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) to provide a fully equipped and recognized resource for occupational safety and health research and training in our region. As a result of this partnership between two leading institutions of higher education, we offer graduate programs and continuing education in Occupational Safety, Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Epidemiology, Occupational Athletic Training, Mining Health & Safety, and Agricultural Safety & Health.


*USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) will host a webinar to bring together formal and non-formal educators, non-profit partners, and government agencies to explore how NIFA-funded programs are supporting farm safety and farm safety education. The webinar will include a panel of project directors from the Assistive Technology Program for Farmers with Disabilities (AgrAbility) and the Youth Farm Safety Education and Certification (YFSEC) Program. The panel will explore how communities are promoting safety in agriculture by developing agricultural educators; providing technical assistance to farm workers and farmers; and training the next generation of agriculturalists to prevent injuries and fatalities on the farm.

Date: Monday, 09/18/2023 -1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT

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