Trainee Projects

Recent Capstone Projects completed by residents in the training program were based on data regarding the Commonwealth of Kentucky and or specific to the practice of occupational medicine. For the time under review, i.e., 2014 - 2018, two of these projects (Ranzenberger, Ouyang) resulted in publications in peer reviewed journals with another (Pascoe) slated for submission.




Capstone Presentation Title / Publication


Pascoe, Adam

Commercial Driver's Licensed Examinees' Prevarication on Their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certification Exams


PUBLICATION: Submission pending.



Melinda Lokelani

Factors Associated with Large Vehicle Collision Fatalities from 2009-2015, An Assessment of Factors Relevant to the 2014 Implementation of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and Strategies for Driver Safety


Ranzenberger, Kristen

Healthcare Industry Injuries by Patient Contact in Kentucky, 2012-2014


PUBLICATION: Ranzenberger K, Bunn TL, Slavova S. 2016. Healthcare Industry Injuries by Patient Contact Status in Kentucky, 2012-2014. Southern Med J 109(10):599-605.


Ouyang, Betty

The Association Between Prenatal Drug Exposures and Congenital Malformations in Newborns in Kentucky, 2009-2013


PUBLICATION: Bunn TL, Ouyang B, Slavova, S. 2016. Congenital Malformations Associated with Prenatal Drug Exposure in Newborns in Kentucky, 2009-2013. Southern Med J. 109(2):124-9.


Hicks, Raymond

Proposed Plan to Implement a Radiation Response Strike Team To Assist at Community Reception Centers During a Radiological Emergency for the Commonwealth of Kentucky


Saini, Ruchika                  

Residential Pesticide Exposure in the State of Kentucky: A descriptive analysis (2005-2009)


Lachman, Dorathy                 

Outcome Evaluation of A School-Based Drunk Driving Prevention Program In Kentucky Teenage Drivers