Industrial Hygiene

The MPH in Industrial Hygiene is designed to meet the needs of students planning careers in occupational health. The degree is a generalist degree and requires core courses in industrial hygiene principles, occupational health sampling, hazard controls, air quality, and environmental and industrial toxicology.


The goals for the Industrial Hygiene (IH) core include

  1. Identify, recruit, and admit and maintain four graduate students to the IH training track throughout the course of the grant.

  2. Develop opportunities for practicum experiences and thesis research experiences with local, state, industry, and federal agency personnel in industrial hygiene.

  3. Enhance and refine the curriculum in industrial hygiene through participation in the multi-disciplinary educational and research activities of the CARERC.

  4. Support student educational experiences at national conferences, trainings, and workshops relevant to industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety.

  5. Promote continuing education in industrial hygiene and associated topics for practitioners.