The President’s Scholarship Initiative

Turn vision into reality

For nearly 150 years, the University of Kentucky has provided quality education to generations of students from the Commonwealth and beyond. And while much has changed over the past century and a half, our commitment to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service remains the same.

Educating students was the earliest mission of the University and it is still the most profound way we can enhance the future of our state. We believe that no work is more important than educating students and cultivating their personal and professional development.

We are dedicated to the land–grant university promise to apply discovery and new knowledge, life–long education and outreach to solve real problems in a changing world.

Shape the future and change lives

Our students not only earn degrees, they find themselves immersed in a life–changing, career–shaping educational experience at UK.

Our goal is to teach students to think for themselves. This is one of the guiding values of all our educational programs. We provide an environment in which students are encouraged to question, evaluate, create and learn.

Students are enriched by faculty members recognized globally for excellence in scholarship and research. Our professors are dedicated to applying innovative approaches to teaching that provide a foundation of academic knowledge. Students experience the kind of instruction that will one day enable them to change the lives of those they serve.

We educate the leaders who will guide Kentucky and the nation into the future.

Make the world a better place

Our students come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a common vision – a vision to make a difference in their communities and around the world.

We are committed to the development of students as responsible citizens and caring individuals who contribute to society both now and in the future. We provide aspiring students with a dynamic learning environment filled with opportunities for outreach and service both as part of their educational program and in volunteer capacities.

Students also interact, study and socialize in a nurturing campus community which combines a rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds and ideas.

Our graduates leave us with a sense of purpose and determination, prepared to make a difference in the communities they will serve. Wherever they go, they will use the skills and values learned while students at UK to make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Through them, our University will have a far–reaching influence for decades to come. And ultimately – as a result of their work and commitment – they will make the world a better place.

Open doors of opportunity

The University of Kentucky is dedicated to serving students by providing a vibrant, diverse educational atmosphere where they can achieve their academic and career goals. We want to equip our students with the intellectual tools they need to compete with graduates from any other institution in the nation.

Our efforts to meet this challenge have implications for all Kentuckians. We believe our mission for academic excellence in teaching Kentucky’s students is closely tied to the betterment of our state and the quality of life of its citizens. We are proud to serve as the Commonwealth’s flagship University.

Our annual increases in enrollment confirms that more and more students are realizing the opportunities for success that a University of Kentucky education can provide. And as the institution continues its state–mandated quest toward becoming one of the nation’s Top–20 public research universities, the quality of our programs and instruction grows, distinguishing UK across the country.

The success of our recent $1 billion campaign secured progress in endowing priority academic programs and built upon our confidence that your private support stands staunchly behind our goals.

Likewise, the academic standing of our student body continues to escalate — the ACT and SAT scores of UK’s incoming freshman are on the rise, even more impressive considering our growing enrollment. The number of Governor’s Scholars who are choosing to study at UK is also increasing.

Without a doubt, UK is attracting many of the state’s brightest and most gifted students and is offering access to many of Kentucky’s most deserving, hard–working and committed students.