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Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


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UDL Initiative

The University of Kentucky has committed resources to support an initiative in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) campus-wide. In May of 2014, the University’s first Universal Design and Instructional Technology Specialist joined the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT). Since then progress has been made in increasing the awareness, knowledge, and implementation of UDL through collaboration with the Disability Resource Center and individuals, departments/colleges, and organizations across campus. An advisory committee and community of practice have been formed to assist in the advancement of the initiative.

CELT and UK Analytics and Technologies (UKAT) have partnered in purchasing a campus-wide site license to Read&Write Gold, universally designed software that can help to increase the success of all students and thus retention. Read&Write Gold is a toolbar that integrates with common applications and features supports for reading, writing, studying, and research.

Incorporating UDL strategies to stimulate interest and motivation for learning, present information and content in different ways, and differentiate the ways learners express what they know/ have learned is a student-centered approach that offers greater learner independence in overcoming barriers. Following the principles of UDL not only leads to more accessible and inclusive education for individuals with disabilities, but also inclusively meets the diverse needs of the majority of learners encompassing the UK campus today.

The University of Kentucky aspires to design all instructional practices, from the beginning, to be equitable and flexible, simple and intuitive, tolerant and accessible, to the greatest extent possible for everyone, regardless of… life experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, learning styles/preferences, health effects, etc., in alignment with strategic goals and objectives, specifically those around student success, diversity, and inclusion.

Incorporate UDL into your instruction.