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High Power Sagittal Section of the Lip

This is a sagittal section through the upper lip. The labial mucosa (A) is on the upper aspect. The mucocutaneous junction (B) can be located about half way along this border. Fascicles of the orbicularis oris (C) are anchored by numerous fibers inserting into the lamina propria (D). The presence of a submucosa is questionable at this site. The two large vessels seen in cross-section are the superior labial artery (E) and vein (F). Note how close these vessels lie to the surface of the labial mucosa. The superior labial artery can be palpated in the upper lip of most individuals by feeling for its pulsations.


A - labial mucosa
B - mucocutaneous junction
C - orbicularis oris m.

D - lamina propria
E - superior labial artery
F - superior labial vein

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