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Working Papers

The Effects of Adopting a Value Added Tax on Firms
-With Laura Zimmermann
-R&R, Review of Economics and Statistics.
Sensitivity versus Size: Implications for Tax Competition
-With Adib Bagh and Mohammed Mardan
-R&R, Theoretical Economics.
Tax Competition with Intermunicipal Cooperation
-With Marie-Laure Breuillé and Julie Le Gallo
-R&R, National Tax Journal.
A New Approach to Evaluating the Welfare Effects of Decentralized Policies
-With William H. Hoyt and Tidiane Ly
Tax Incidence in Multi-Product World: Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Implications
-With William H. Hoyt
Tax Competition with Mobile Labor, Residents, and Capital
-With William H. Hoyt and John D. Wilson
Taxes and Telework: The Incidence of State Income Taxes in a Work-from-Home Economy
-With Jan K. Brueckner
Limits to Competition: Strategies for Promoting Jurisdictional Cooperation
Policy Responses to Tax Competition: An Introduction
-With James Poterba and Owen Zidar
Do Commuting Subsidies Drive Workers to Better Firms?
-With Elke Jahn and Eckhard Janeba
Tax Competition on the Extensive and Intensive Margin
-With Tidiane Ly and Raphael Parchet

Edited Books in Progress

Policy Responses to Tax Competition
-With James Poterba and Owen Zidar
-University of Chicago Press