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Reasonable Choices.Understanding why Under-Educated Individuals Choose not to Participate in Adult Education

Table of Contents Page
Overview and description of the research
Implications For Program Providers
Implications for Professional Development Consultants
Implications For Policy Makers
Areas for further study
Recommendations for Further Study
Everyday Lives: Introductory Stories
Tom Hensen
LeAnn Jacobs
Ray Garcia
Maria Gonzales
Darlene Wilson
Clara Wilson
Donald Porter
Emergent Themes
Generational differences
Near school experience
Mid-career experience
Near-retirement experience
Emergent Themes
Gender differences
Local Economic Context
Emergent Themes
Poverty and financial difficulties add stress  
Learning problems affect educational aspirations and efforts
Health issues impinge on both employment and education decisions
ESL issues affect education and employment
Family obligations require time and energy
Common Knowledge
Assumptions and Misconceptions about Adult Education and Undereducated Adults
Assumptions about Under-Educated Adults
Experiences with Adult Education Programs
Policy Issues
Social Service Programs
Other Education Programs
Study Recommendations:
A Client-Centered Perspective
Recommendations for Improved Service Delivery
Build on adult learners’ motivations
Counsel Rather than Test
Emphasize Relevance
Recognize Resistance
The Significance of Location
Recommendations for Strategic Enrollment Management & Marketing
Creating Strategic Organizations
Setting Marketing Goals
Market Segmentation and “Product” Development
Market Position or Image
Marketing adult education services
Recommendations for Additional Training for Instructors
Recommendations for Further Study
Research Design
Site Selection
Pilot Study Results
Research Design
Selection of Interview Respondents
Description of Sample
Research Questions
Informal Interviews and Focus Groups
Making Sense of the Data
Limitations of the current study
Interview Protocol
Appendix C: Quantitative Results
Description of Sample
Sample Characteristics By Gender
Sample Characteristics By Age
Differences Among Counties
Motivation to Attend Adult Education
Research team
Reasonable Choices.Understanding why Under-educated Individuals Choose not to Participate in Adult Education
Reasonable Choices.Understanding why Under-educated Individuals Choose not to Participate in Adult Education

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