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Latest Version

InstallShield Icon Version 4.0.1_ns
9 July, 2003

Beta release

NSIS logo Version 4.5.2
23 May, 2011


To install SLControl, download the executable file and run it on your own computer. The setup utility should run correctly in Windows 9x/NT/2000,XP and 7. The Campbell Lab now uses Windows 7 on all active setups.

Additional information about the installation procedures (and some trouble-shooting tips) are available here. Archived versions of previous installations are available here.

Interested in additional files or MATLAB tools?

Please contact Ken. for advice.

SLControl is provided with the best of intentions, but there is no guarantee that it works correctly under all condition. When new problems are discovered, they are reported on this site and every attempt is made to fix the problem in future releases. Nevertheless users who chose to use SLControl do so at their own risk. No warranty is implied or intended. Last updated on 22nd July, 2005 by Ken.