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Appeal of Transfer Course Equivalencies

For courses within the students major or minor:

The ultimate authority of transfer course equivalencies rests with the department chairperson or designated rep through which similar courses are offered at the University of Kentucky. Students who wish to appeal the evaluation of transfer equivalencies for major or minor courses may do so through the appropriate department head. When making an appeal, students must be prepared to provide supporting documentation (e.g., a course syllabus, course description from the other institution’s catalog, examples of work). Department chairpersons who wish to approve a revision to a transfer equivalency must inform the Transfer Center in Room 11 Funkhouser.

For Courses used toward the UK Core:

Courses taken at other institutions that are not designated UK Core courses may be petitioned through the General Education Exceptions Committee. Transfer students must be admitted and coursework must be equated by the Transfer Center before a petition will be reviewed.  Please click here for more information. 



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