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AP, IB, Dual Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The University of Kentucky recognizes examinations of the College Board Advanced Placement Program.  A high school senior who wishes to have AP scores evaluated for academic credit or placement should have the results sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and University Registrar. UK's code is 1837.  Academic departments have designated the current policy for students who score 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement examinations.  UK does not recognize College Board SAT II Subject Tests for Placement or credit purposes.   

UK's AP Chart

For more information, see the Advanced Placement site.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

The University of Kentucky recognizes course credit earned through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Generally, course credit is awarded for scores of 5, 6, or 7 on either the Standard Level exam or the Higher Level exam. Any student desiring credit must request an IB transcript to be sent to the University.   Course credit awarded through the IB program will apply toward degree requirements just as if the course had been taken on campus, except that there will not be a specific letter grade associated with the course. Instead, a designation of CR – credit – will be awarded and the grade-point average will not be affected.  In some cases, additional curriculum information must be supplied by the student’s high school before credit will be awarded.

UK's IB Chart

For more information, see the International Baccalaureate Program site.

College Credit

The University of Kentucky currently has almost 500,000 established course equivalencies from many colleges and universities around the country.  Please note that if your institution and/or courses are not listed here, it does not mean that credit will not be awarded. Please contact the Equivalency Office at (859) 257-9532 for more information. 

College Credit Equivalency Database 

University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program offers highly motivated students the opportunity to integrate their undergraduate and graduate courses into a single continuous program culminating in both a baccalaureate degree and a master's degree.

Students receiving a 4-year, renewable undergraduate academic scholarship who are admitted to the University Scholars Program after their junior year may continue to receive the academic scholarship during their fourth year/first year of USP. In addition, the student may continue to receive federal and state need-based undergraduate financial aid during their fourth year.

BS-MD Program

For undergraduate students that are receiving a 4-year undergraduate academic scholarship and are enrolled in the BS-MD Program, and who matriculate to medical school during their 4th year, those students will continue to receive the full amount of their undergraduate scholarship during the 4th year. The student will still be enrolled as an undergraduate and working on their undergraduate and graduate/professional degree at the same time, therefore they will receive their undergraduate scholarship as usual.

For students enrolled in AP/IB, Dual Credit, Gatton Academy or similar programs who bring in several college credits, their hours may put them above the incoming freshman classification.

However, since the work was done prior to high school graduation, students are still treated as incoming freshmen for scholarship and financial aid purposes and receive all of the same benefits. These students are encouraged to participate in an education abroad experience prior to graduating. Undergraduate scholarships and undergraduate need-based aid may not be received once a student graduates and begins graduate or professional school. For students who graduate early and receive their undergraduate degree before completing eight semesters, they will lose the remainder of their undergraduate scholarship.

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