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Tips for Success

  • Apply to between 3-6 schools – any less and you limit yourself too much; any more and the process may become too large to manage.
  • Don't rule out a school because of finances until you have heard the final decision on all scholarships and financial aid.
  • Don't be late! Make sure to meet all of your deadlines.
  • Keep all correspondence from every school you are interested in, and separate it into neat stacks Remember, that letter you lose could be a scholarship notification.
  • Get to know a college representative at the schools you are interested in. You need a contact person on the campus, and you may need personalized help with problems or questions.
  • Follow a college preparatory curriculum in high school if at all possible.
  • Most important: Don't be afraid to ask questions. You are what makes a university tick. They need you, not the reverse. Be aggressive, find out what you need to know and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.
University of Kentucky