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UK Visitor Center


Do you want the full University of Kentucky experience? Visit our campus! You'll get to listen in on an information session for all the important details you need to know before walking around campus with a student tour guide. 

All official campus visits through the Visitor Center require prior registration. Click on "Tours" (below) to schedule your visit.

Because space is limited, we encourage all visitors to register for their campus visits as early as possible. You may register for your visit using the Tours link below. The UK Visitor Center is located on the Plaza Level of Main Building.

Before you visit the University of Kentucky, we invite you to take a virtual tour of campusExplore campus, downtown Lexington, and our new residence halls from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our virtual tour follows a route similar to our own 90-minute walking tour and is led by two current Visitor Center Tour Guides. 












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