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Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist

USDA ePermit Application Process

Do You Need A Permit?:
The most common permit that our office deals with is the PPQ Form 526 Permit and if you want to import and/or move interstate plant pathogens, you may need one. All PPQ 526 permit applications are submitted to the destination states(s) for review. The PPQ staff process permits in the order they are received and recommend that you apply for your permit four to six months in advance. There are other permits that USDA issues and you can access those from their webpage as well. However, to apply for any permit you must create a user id and password through USDA's eAuthentication (USDA eAuth) website and use their ePermits website.
Why Do I Need A Permit?:
Permits are required for the importation, transit, domestic movement and environmental release of Organisms that impact plants, and the importation and transit of Plants and Plant Products under authority of the Plant Protection and Honeybee Acts.
How Do I Register To Use ePermits?:
ePermits uses a USDA-wide system for login called USDA eAuthentication. To use ePermits, you will need to register for an eAuthentication account with Level 2 access for most application permit types.

| Click here to see what level of access you need. |.
I am already registered through USDA's eAuthentication?:
If you have an USDA eAuth. user id and password, but only have an account with Level 1 Access; you will need log into your profile and apply for Level 2 Access.
If you have an USDA eAuth. user id and password, AND you have the Level 2 Access, you can submit your ePermit application by going to and following the instructions.

For More Information:
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