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Campus Directory Updates

You can update parts of your campus directory entry using this form. Enter your eight-digit UK student or employee number and your campus directory password below, then enter the new information for any of the other fields, and click the Update Directory button to make the changes.

UK id number...............:  (required)
Campus directory password..:  (required)

Your campus directory password is initially your birth date (eight digits in the form yyyymmdd) and is independent of your Link Blue password and your passwords on other systems. Contact the help desk if you don’t remember your password. They can reset it to the initial value.

Display name.........: 

This is how the directory will display your name. The initial value comes from official university records.

E-mail address.......: 

Use care entering your e-mail address! The directory updater can do only very limited checking for valid addresses.

World-Wide Web URL...: 

You can specify none to remove an existing item.

To change your directory password enter the new value in both the New Password and Repeat Password fields to verify correct entry. Directory passwords must be at least eight characters. Mixing letters and digits is best.

New Password........: 
Repeat Password.....: 

A home address and telephone number are usually displayed in the directory search results for students if they are available. You can hide these using these flags. The initial settings are to show the information. See below for how to update your home address and phone information.

 Show Home Address

 Show Home Phone

Note: Updates to the directory generally appear within 15 minutes, but the directory search index is only updated over night, so changes to searchable fields like the name won’t be found by directory searches until the next day in most cases. Students who have their records flagged as private by the Registrar's office are not displayed in search results.

Updates to Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Etc.

To update your addresses, telephone numbers, and other information use myUK. More information is available. If you change your University e-mail address through the Account Manager it should be reflected in the directory automatically within a few hours.

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