Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a crime of power and violation. Victims and perpetrators of sexual assault can be male or female and come from all walks of life. Sexual assault can include inappropriate touching, exhibitionism, attempted rape, rape, unwanted kissing or fondling, or other sexual contact against one’s will. Although some perpetrators of sexual assault are strangers, the vast majority of perpetrators of sexual assault are known to the victim. Sexual assault can be particularly devastating in that it is often unpredictable, unpreventable, and often involves elements of interpersonal betrayal.

 Survivors of sexual assault frequently experience symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) such as difficulty sleeping, increased watchfulness of their environment, avoidance of reminders of the assault, flashbacks, and other symptoms. The Center for Traumatic Stress Research makes Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) available to survivors of sexual assault. CPT is designed to help survivors recover from PTSD and other effects of the assault.


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