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Research and Graduate Education Committee

2015-2016 Roster

Current Issues for Review

  1. Enrollment data, focusing on:
    1. Diversity trends,
    2. International recruitment statistics, and
    3. Selectivity data
  2. Question: what should be the responsibility of individual programs/colleges, and what should the Graduate School do?

  3. Indicators of program quality. Criteria for discussion would include:
    1. Selectivity as an indicator of competitiveness
    2. GRE/GPA of incoming students
    3. Progress on enrollment priorities (diversity, international.)
    4. Time to degree
    5. Graduate student publications/conferences/creative projects while at UK
    6. Job placement immediately upon graduation
    7. External rankings

Questions: 1) To what extent should fellowship allocations, TA/RA/GA lines, and other funding be tied to program quality? 2) What program quality indicators can be applied across different programs and are true indicators of program quality?

Meeting Minutes (current and past years)

Charter - Senate Rules

The Senate's Research Committee (SRGEC) shall be responsible for reviewing University research policies and their implementation. It shall also be responsible for reviewing graduate education policies and their implementation. In addition, it shall make recommendations to the University Senate regarding those policies and the priorities for them.