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Approved Other Changes 2007-2008

College Program name Type of Change Approved by SC Approved by Senate
AS Automate Repeat Option Process Campus-Wide 10/29/07 11/12/07
AS Course Withdrawal Deadline Calendar Change 3/3/08 3/17/08
AS Standardize Degree App Deadline Calendar Change 3/3/08 3/17/08
  Duplicate Credit Proposal Policy Change 9/17/07 10/8/07
EN Permanent Wvr Allow Trnsfr of WKCTC Grades Permanent Rule Change 11/5/07 12/10/07
GS Expand Transfer Credit to PhD Students Policy Change 1/14/07 5/5/08
GS Chnge Method of Appointment to Graduate Faculty Policy Change 11/26/07 NA
ME Center for Muscle Biology New Center 1/28/08 4/14/08
ME Cntr for Study of Violence Against Children (CSVAC) New Center NA NA
NU PILOT for SR Req change Pilot Rule Change NA NA
  RWA Instructor Feed back Forms SR Change Rule Change 4/28/08 5/9/08
  UJCHD Membership Change Composition Change via listserve 9/10/07
  USP Proposal New Curric many times 3/17/08