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University Senate Minutes - May 5, 2003

The University Senate met in special session at 3:00 p.m., May 5, 2003 in the Auditorium of the W. T. Young Library.

Members absent were: Susanne Arnold, Rolando Berger, Suketu Bhavsar, George Blandford*, Jack Blanton, James Boling, Michael Braun, Lauretta Byars, James Cibulka, Nancy Clauter, Jody Deem, Nirmala Desai*, Philip Desimone, Mary Duke*, David Durant, Roberta Dwyer, Matthew Falk, Walter Ferrier, Joseph Fink*, William Fortune, Michelle Freed*, Richard Furst, Lori Garkovich*, Thomas Garrity, Jule Gassenheimer*, Hans Gesund*, Rebecca Glasscock*, Louise Graham, Daniel Grantz, Philip Greasley, Howard Grotch, John Hahn, Mark Hanson, Anne Harrison*, Victor Hazard*, Kay Hoffman, James Holsinger, Jean Jackson*, Tom Janoski, Ling Hwey Jeng, Doug Kalika, James Kerley, Kathi Kern**, Jessica King*, Pat Lefler, Judith Lesnaw*, Thomas Lester, Pat Litzelfelner, Victor Marek, Joan Mazur, Leola McClure*, William McKinney, Doug Michael*, David Mohney, Mary Molinaro, Sue Nokes*, Ron Pen, Claire Pomeroy, Michaele Pride-Wells, Bret Ripley*, Kenneth Roberts, Thomas Robinson, D.B. Rowland, Susan Scollay, Robert Shay, Scott Smith, Chuck Staben, Patricia Terrell, Kelly Tian, Lee Todd, Tate Tsang, Henry Vasconez*, Allen Vestal, Cynthia Vines, Brian Wade*, Retia Walker, Dean White, Shirley Whitescarver*, Carolyn Williams, Eugene Williams, Emery Wilson, Don Witt, Ernie Yanerella.

*Excused Absences
**Kathi Kern was on sabbatical and was mistakenly listed as "unexcused" in an earlier version of these minutes.

Chairperson Jeffrey Dembo called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


  1. The Chair thanked the Senators for attending the called meeting during a finals week.
  2. The Chair noted that elections should be underway in most colleges. The Chair emphasized the importance of having good representation and ananimity in the election process over the importance of having elections completed by the deadline.
  3. The Chair thanked Brad Cannon for his work on the Election Committee, and noted that Cannon is a departing Senator.
  4. The Chair also thanked Enid Waldhart, a departing Senator, for her many years of service on a variety of committees.Both Cannon and Waldhart received a warm round of applause.
  5. The Chair called for a motion to approve the Minutes.Cannon so moved.Krishnamurty Muralidhar seconded the motion.The motion passed unanimously.

Action Item 1: Proposed Changes in Governing Regulations

Proposed Changes in Governing Regulations (PDF)

Vice-Chair Waldhart introduced the item.Waldhart invited Linda Worley to provide some history.Linda indicated that the Committee had examined the Governing Regulations of instances of shared governance and underscored those instances.Chair Dembo put the item on the Senate floor for questions.There were none.The Governing Regulations passed unanimously.

Action Item 2: Proposal from Senate Council Regarding Graduation Contract

Graduation Contract Proposal (PDF)

Vice-Chair Waldhart introduced the item.Waldhart indicated that a proposal came from the Senate Council with a positive recommendation, to encourage all programs and departments to compile curricular maps to be available to students by Fall 2003.The Senate Council also recommended the implementation of a voluntary pilot program for the duration of three years.After extensive discussion involving the logistics of tuition payments and course waivers the Chair entertained a motion to stop debate.There was one opposition.The motion passed by hand-count. Eight were opposed.

Action Item 3: Proposed changes in CIS Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria Proposal (PDF)

Vice-Chair Waldhart introduced the item.Waldhart clarified that the pre-major requirement courses in question have already been approved, but the 3.0 GPA requirement attached to those courses had not been.Associate Provost Kraemer argued against the item as not being student-friendly. After debate as to whether or not a minimum GPA requirement in the courses in question was a legitimate selective admissions criteria or if would serve as merely a means of enrollment management, Chair Dembo asked the Senate for a vote on the motion on the floor.A hand-count was taken.Thirty-six voted in favor with 22 opposed.The motion carried.

Action Item 4: Proposed changes in B & E Suspension Policies

B & E Suspension Policies Proposal (PDF)

Vice-Chair Waldhart introduced the item.Waldhart pointed out that the policy dealt essentially with student who had GPA?s of less than 2.0 and with how long the GPA had been below 2.0.Chair Dembo noted that the proposed policy was the same as the College of Engineering's policy, which is published in the Bulletin.The Chair invited questions or comments.Associate Provost Kraemer called the Senate?s attention to the fact that the proposed policy had not been approved by the Undergraduate Council.Kraemer spoke against the policy on the grounds that it was a selective retention action.After further discussion clarifying the difference between probation and suspension, Krishnamurty Muralidhar suggested an editorial ammendment that probationary notice will be given to students.Cannon recommended the exclusion of a statement in the policy regarding whether or not probationary notice would be given to the student.Tony Baxter pointed out that when a student achieves less than a 2.0 GPA the Univeristy places that student on probation and the student is dropped from the College. Therefore, the wording on that portion of the proposal did not make a difference.The Chair called for an end to debate.There were no oppositions.The proposal passed by handcount with 38 in favor and 13 opposed.

Action Item 5: Proposal for reorganization of remaining departments in the College of Human Environmental Sciences (HES)

College of Human Environmental Sciences Reorganization Proposal (PDF)

Chair Dembo invoked the priveledge of the chair to rearrange the agenda due to the number of visitors in the audience who were present for the discussion.Vice Chair Waldhart introduced the item.Waldhart said that two proposals were forwarded from Senate Council with no recommendation.The first proposal, referred to as Proposal 1, would relocate Family Studies in the College of Education while the second proposal, Proposal 2, would keep the remaining units within HES together and would relocate all of them to the College of Agriculture.The Chair called on Scott Smith, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Acting Dean of HES, to comment.Dean Smith said that both proposals had merit, but thatsince the College was unable to reach a consensus he forwarded both proposals to Provost Nietzel so that he might seek the aid of the Senate. Provost Nietzel said that he forwarded both proposals to Senate Council and found merit with both proposals.He indicated his preference for Proposal 2 due to curricular reasons, staffing purposes and unit mission correlation.Provost Nietzel requested the input of the Senate.Kate Chard noted that the Academic Structure and Organization Committee had not yet seen the proposals.Ray Ford from Family Studies recommended that the two proposals be sent to the Committee for review, and then on to Senate Council for a decision, since the full Senate won?t meet again until the Fall 2003 semester.After some discussion Burkhart moved that the proposals be sent to the Committee, and Tagavi seconded the motion.Dean Smith and Hazel Forsythe stressed the need for an expedited decision. Provost Nietzel called the question. The Chair entertained the motion to stop debate.Seven were opposed.The motion failed by handcount.After further discussion Grossman moved to send the proposals to Committee and have the Committee act as the final arbitor.Staten seconded the motion.Tagavi suggesed an ammendement to include Senate Council, since the Senate Council comprised of the elected representatives of the Senate.Grossman accepted the amendment and changed the motion to include the recommendation of the Committee being sent to Senate Council who will then decide the matter.Cibull expressed concern over the Senate Council?s ability to decide the matter and added that the Committee's recommendation to the Provost should suffice.The Chair entertained a motion to stop debate.Debate ended.The motion carried with 33 in favor and 10 opposed.

Action Item 6: Proposed rule regarding 400G-500 level courses

Proposed rule regarding 400G-500 level courses (PDF)

Vice-Chair Waldhart introduced the item.The item has grown out of the recent SACS reaccredidation process and involves the clear delineation of graduate from undergraduate credit on the syllabus of courses in which both classifications of student are represented.After some discussion regarding whether or not differences exist in the abilities of undergraduate and graduate students, Staten called the question.A majority of those present were in favor of stopping debate.The motion passed by a hand count of 26 to 12.David Randall challenged the existence of a Quorum.Since the motion passed before the challenge then the motion stands.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Jeff Dembo
University Senate Chair