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University Senate Minutes - March 20, 2006

The University Senate met on Monday, March 20, 2006 at 3:03 pm in the Auditorium of the William T. Young Library. Below is a record of what transpired.

Absences: Anyaegbunam, Bailey*, Barker, Bartilow, Berger*, Bhavsar*, Baigi*, Bordo*, Brown*, Burchett, Burkhart*, Cammers, Caudill, Cavagnero, Cheng, Clarke, Clauter*, Cooper, Coyne*, Daniel, Deem, DeSimone, Diedrichs*, Dwoskin*, Eldred*, El-Ghannam, Ellingsworth, English*, Fording, Gaetke*, Garen*, Gargola, Garrity*, Gesund*, Grabau*, Grossman, Haist*, Hasselbring, Haven*, Hertog, Hobson, Holmes, Houtz*, Hull, Jackson, Jarvis, Jefferies*, Johnson E., Jones, Kalim, Lock*, Matthews, McCormick*, Michael*, Mitchell, Parker*, Piascik, Pulito, Randall*, Shaw, Shearer*, Smart, Smith*, Steltenkamp, Straus, Stringer, Thompson, Voss, Waldhart*, Wise, Wood*

*Denotes excused absence.

Guests present: Anne Harrison, Terry Malone, Phyllis Nash, Karen Novak, Julie Sebastian.

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm.

1. Minutes from February 13, 2006 and Announcements

There was one change to the February 13 minutes that was incorporated after being distributed. The minutes were approved as amended.

The Chair informed senators about the formation of a joint Senate Council/Staff Senate committee to explore mutual concerns. The impetus for the committee was the issue of differential merit increases for faculty and staff. The Senate Council was moving forward with the Staff Senate in putting the committee together.

The Chair introduced new Police Chief McDonald Vick. Vick offered introductory remarks, including his intent to focus on creating high visibility and good customer service. The Chair thanked Vick for his visit.

Faculty Trustee Roy Moore's resignation from the University of Kentucky was noted. The Chair recalled that Moore was himself regarded by many as an institution, having served as Senate Council Chair, Board of Trustees (BoT) faculty trustee and in high administrative positions in his college (College of Communications and Information Studies). Moore accepted a position at the Georgia College and State University. As a consequence of his approaching departure a slot will be open for a second faculty trustee. The Chair stated the Senate's Rules and Elections Committee was very nearly ready to launch that particular election process; information would be disseminated soon.

2. 2007 - 2007 and 2008 - 2009 Academic Calendars

The Chair stated the Senate Council carefully reviewed all the calendars carefully; there was a delay in bringing them to the Senate Council for approximately one month while some needed corrections were made. Noting the calendars came with a positive recommendation from the Senate Council, the Chair asked for questions or concerns. Forgue referred to past discussions on a weeklong Fall break and asked if that idea was dead. The Chair replied that the idea was not dead. An effort in Fall 2006 to advance a weeklong Fall break had been put into a much larger set of proposals involving Spring and Summer calendars. As a result, some Summer calendar issues bumped into the Fall break. The Chair said he had tried three times this semester to convene the Calendar Committee. He stated his commitment to have the issue addressed before the end of his tenure as Senate Council Chair. He said the Student Government Association (SGA) was also very interested in making forward progress. The Chair opined that a Fall break would not have a large affect on the calendars being discussed.

Sottile said that students can have trouble with finishing coursework on a Friday and having to begin exams the following Monday. He asked if any thought had been given to beginning the semester on a Monday so finals could begin later. The Chair replied that, yes, the original proposal that had only focused on Fall had sought to do that.

A vote was taken on the motion to approve the following:

The motion carried with a unanimous voice vote.

3. SAP Update - Phyllis Nash

The Chair introduced Phyllis Nash, IRIS Project Director. Guest Nash referred to her presentation (PDF) and offered a summary of current and coming events in SAP. After the presentation, Cibull suggested Nash?s comments regarding payroll changes be posted in brief form on the web. Nash stated that it had been planned on. Petrone asked if grade entry into SAP after October 1 would be via an interface with Blackboard or via a web interface. Nash stated SAP did not have gradebook functionality, and that Blackboard would still be an option.

Edgerton asked if the non-Blackboard option could downloaded from Excel. Nash stated she was unsure, but that she would let him know.

There being no further questions, the Chair thanked Nash for her time and presentation.

4. Graduate Certificate in Public Health Nursing

Graduate Certificate in Public Health Nursing (PDF)

The Chair stated that the rationalle behind the certificate was to increase the supply of nurses prepared to work in public nursing and to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among public health workers. He said the clientele was anticipated to be MS in Public Health Nursing students enrolled in a special track other than that of Public Health Nursing. It would be for 12 credit hours, and came from the Senate Council with a positive recommendation. Julie Sebastian from the College of Nursing was present to answer questions. McKnight, in the College of Public Health, referred to a prior discussion with Guest Sebastian regarding the omission of a preposition. The Certificate Requirement "number one" should have ended with "; or" instead of just the semicolon. McKnight stated the College of Public Health supported the proposal. There was no further discussion.

A vote was taken on the motion and it carried unanimously in a voice vote.

5. Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (PDF)

The Chair stated this proposal had received very careful scrutiny by the Senate?s Academic Programs Committee (SAPC) and the Senate Council. The program would offer a post-professional doctor of physical therapy (DPT) track within the existing DPT degree. It would also allow United States-licensed physical therapists with a masters of science degree in physical therapy degree to achieve degree parity with graduates who hold the DPT by completing experiences to mirror coursework that was not part of their previous professional training. Both the Senate Council and the SAPC offered a positive recommendation for the program. The Chair asked if either Anne Harrison or Terry Malone, both from the College of Health Sciences, had any comments. Guest Malone stated it was analogous to a similar offering from the College of Pharmacy when that college transitioned to the PharmD. He said the program would be offered for six to ten years.

A vote was taken on the motion to approve the transitional doctor of physical therapy program. The motion carried unanimously in a voice vote.

6. Women's Studies Program Name Change

Women's Studies Program Name Change (PDF)

The Chair explained that the proposal to change the Women's Studies Program (WSP) to the "Gender and Women's Studies Program" would also change the name of its topical major, undergraduate minor and graduate certificate. The name change reflected trends toward the inclusion of gender within women's studies scholarship and among other University programs. The proposal came with a positive recommendation from the Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC) and the Senate Council. The Chair said that WSP Director Joan Callahan was unable to attend, so Ellen Riggle, WSP Associate Director, and Karen Petrone, affiliated faculty member, were present to speak for the proposal.

Remer asked why "women" was remaining part of the name. Guest Riggle responded that the department wanted to retain the original intent of the program, which was to emphasize women. She said the trend in the discipline was to add "gender" but not remove "woman."

A vote was taken on the positive recommendation to the proposal to change the name of the Women's Studies Program to "Gender and Women's Studies Program." The motion carried unanimously with a voice vote.

7. MS Dentistry Plan B Option

MS Dentistry Plan B Option (PDF)

The proposal would introduce and institutionalize the Plan B Option to the MS degree in Dentistry, and aimed to enhance the quality of research completed by students in the program; increase the publication rate for research project completed by students; and facilitate the dissemination of new information generated through the MS program. Eventually, Plan B will be the default option for MS students. The Senate Council sent the proposal forward with a positive recommendation.

Guest Novak said the proposal would retain the Plan A Option so a student could choose between Plan A and Plan B. Blackwell offered her thanks to the College of Dentistry and to Novak for addressing a program offered at dental colleges across the nation. Blackwell said there was an absence of and that there would be a future potential need for instructional and research capacity in dentistry. She explained that many dental graduates went into private or group practice, causing a potential shortfall in the research sector. Blackwell said the proposal would encourage an inquiry into research and should definitely be supported. Vasconez asked what was offered under Plan A. Novak stated that a successful defense and submission of a written or electronic thesis was required for Plan A.

A vote was taken on the proposal to create the MS Dentistry Plan B Option. The motion carried unanimously with a voice vote.

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 3:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Kaveh Tagavi,
University Senate Vice Chair

Prepared by Sheila Brothers on March 21, 2006.