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Business Intelligence Requests

BI users can check the status of BI-Requests and track progress via links to status reports on Active and Closed issues.

The reports document:

  • status of issues received through;
  • requests received via various other means;
  • Other identified BI tasks;
  • Related project issues; and
  • Outstanding reports/issues for other modules.

Active Issues (xlsx format)

Closed Issues (xlsx format)

  • The BI Team logs all issues in a central database. The Issues status reports will change often, as some items are closed and new ones are submitted. Both Issues lists will be updated weekly.
  • Issues and requests that can be resolved or completed within 48 hours are not logged.
  • The team is developing a strategy for assessing these issues by module and formulating a process for prioritizing and addressing each one.
  • BI users who do not find previously submitted issues are encouraged to re-submit to BI Requests.