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Grants Management (GM) Information

Grants Management (GM) is designed to account for awards from government and other sponsors for a specific activity. GM provides flexibility to account for funds on a fiscal period basis other than the University’s FY and shows financial information from a sponsor’s perspective.

GM enables end-users to:

▪ Plan, budget, identify, obtain, and record all funding related to received grants

▪ Plan, budget, identify, obtain, schedule, perform, and record the tasks and activities related to managing the sponsored programs and furthering the sponsor’s and organization’s objectives

▪ Differentiate between eligible and ineligible costs

▪ Bill and record sponsor amounts

▪ Record and report all related costs, revenues, and required statistical information.

Grants Management’s initial functionality became available as part of the October 1, 2005 Financials Go Live. Efforts in 2006 are geared toward development of an interface with the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) and improvements in processing and reporting.

Users should check this page for news on GM developments, reminders, and documentation.

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