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Online and Printed Pay Statements Changed05/29/08

To further protect sensitive data and provide better information to employees, the HR/Payroll Team has made the following changes to pay statements.

  • The social security number no longer appears on printed pay statements or direct deposit advice forms.   (This information was removed earlier from the online pay statement.)
  • The online pay statement now displays information about direct deposit amounts.  Those employees who have direct deposits made to more than one account (e.g., checking and savings accounts) will now see the amounts for each deposit directly under the net amount.  Note that no bank details such as routing or account numbers are displayed.

Summer Hours Position Update Instructions Posted 05/29/08

The IRIS HR/Payroll Reference Manual now includes instructions for the Position Update Action required when an employee is approved for a Summer Hours work week.  The instructions can be found in the Position Changes/Transfers/Updates section of the manual and include the procedure for returning an employee to the regular schedule when the Summer Hours work week ends.



New Employee Self-Service Features Added to myUK 02/12/08
UK employees now can review their personal data and tax withholding information online via myUK. These features have been added to the Employee Self-Service area of the portal.

Personal Data displays when the employee chooses the Employee Self-Service tab and then clicks on the Personal Information link.

The Personal Data display allows the employee to verify name, date of birth, social security number, gender, and marital status.  The employee’s unit business officer should be notified of any needed changes or corrections.

Tax Withholding (W-4) information is accessed when the employee chooses the Employee Self-Service tab and then clicks on the Benefits and Payment link.

A click on the link brings up the employee’s withholding information, including status information and the number of exemptions claimed. 

The Payroll Office handles employee requests for changes in withholding information.



Position Budget Control 11/06/07
The Position Budget Control (PBC) function of SAP will go live January 1, 2008.  PBC is a process that monitors salary and benefit savings and projects salary/benefits costs and cost object balances.  This is accomplished by comparing position budget information to payroll results and estimated encumbrances for personnel salary and benefit expenses.  PBC focuses on salary savings and encumbered costs that relate to regular full time and regular part time positions.  This new functionality will be available to employees who have fiscal responsibilities for their departmental funds centers and grants.   

We are rolling out two new SAP infotypes which make up the PBC module.  The first infotype, Position Budget (9201), is tied to the position and is accessed through transaction PP01.  This infotype includes critical information related to a position number, including the budget, commitment items, funding category codes and budgeted FTE.  The second infotype, Employee Encumbrance (9016), accessed through transaction PA20, is tied to the employee record.  This infotype will include data related to the employee, including true annual salary and amount of encumbrance.

Demonstration sessions are scheduled to show the new functionality and the changes to the ledger sheet reports.  In addition to the demonstrations, open labs will be scheduled in January for more detailed explanations of the functionality.  Online training will also be available through the IRIS myHelp web site.

Demo Sessions
Wednesday, Dec. 5 – 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., 72 McVey Hall
January’s demo session will be announced after the first of the year

Access to the PBC functionality will be automatically provided to users who currently have access to transactions PA20 and PP01 for their organizational units.  Training will not be required in order to receive access, but it is highly recommended in order for everyone to attain the greatest benefit from the system.

There will be five core reports focused on salary savings created in BW based on the PBC information. The reports are scheduled to be complete in February 2008.  As the reports become available, they will be discussed during the IRIS Wednesday sessions.


Employee Self-Service Reminder 08/29/07
Regular full-time, part-time, and WEPP employees are eligible to access the Employee Self-Service tab on myUK. Current access to ESS allows employees to view online pay statement and leave balances.

Any eligible employee who lacks the ESS access should contact the Customer Service Center at 7-1300 for help.



Changes to the Holiday Time Entry Process 06/01/07

Several changes to the Holiday Time Entry Process will begin with the July 4, 2007 holiday: 

  • In accordance with HR policy 83, holiday quota will be generated automatically and made available to all employees (campus and hospital) at least three weeks in advance of the holiday, or six weeks in the case of the bonus days.

  • No negative balances will be allowed, since the quota is made available in advance of the holiday, in accordance with HR Policy 83, and can be used immediately,

  • Once the holiday quota has been made available, it can be taken at any time up to the end of the fiscal year. Individual departments must monitor these balances using PT_QTA10.

  • Absence code 7160 ( Holiday in Lieu) will no longer be available after June 30. Therefore, all holiday balances should be used by that date. After that date, departments should use 7150 (Holiday) for entry, drawing from the new quotas.  

  • Attendance codes 1015 (Holiday No Pay) and 1016 (Holiday Rescheduled) will no longer be available after June 9.

  • If an employee is not eligible for a holiday, and did not work, the department simply enters no hours, Vacation, or Unpaid Leave, depending on the individual employee circumstances.

  • If the employee works on that day, 1005 should be used for non-exempt employees. There should be no entry for exempt employees.  

  • Current Holiday quota (quota type 06) balances will be maintained, but will not be usable after June 30. For an extension to the time to use this balance, departments should contact Employee Relations.

  • A new Holiday quota (quota type 07) will be available for use in June to accommodate the early usage granted by policy 83. Any quota balance of this type will expire on June 30 of each subsequent year and a new quota balance will start for each new fiscal year.

  • If an employee is hired after the holiday quota is loaded and before the holiday, the department should contact the HR/Payroll Team for assistance.



2007 December pay dates to change 02/02/2007

Effective this calendar year, payroll dates for the month of December will follow the normal biweekly and monthly pay date cycles. The final 2007 pay date for biweekly employees is Friday, December 28. Monthly employees also receive their final 2007 pay on that date.


Payroll Office extends entry time 02/02/2007

The Payroll Office has extended time for departmental entry. Beginning with the biweekly final on Monday, February 5, access time for departmental entry has been extended from 12 noon to 3 p.m.


ZHR_CHECKPAY provides quick reference on payroll run 02/02/2007

A new payroll report - ZHR_CHECKPAY - has been developed to help identify employees who did not get processed in the payroll run.  This report is specific to a single payroll period and a single payroll area. The report is available after the first payroll run during the pay period. 

Step-by-step instructions are available for user review. 


New HR/Payroll Reports Available Today 12/01/06

Several new reports are available to help end-users obtain information needed for daily activities.

ZHR_HIREREPORT – Hire Action Report
ZHR_TIMEFEEDRPT – Time Feed Audit Report
ZHR_SEPARATE – Separation Report
ZHR_POSCHANGE – Position Change Action Report
ZHR_FTE – FTE Report
ZHR_POSATTR – Position Attribute Report


HR/Payroll Open Labs to Continue 10/27/06

Open Labs for HR/Payroll users will be held each Friday, 9 – 11 a.m., in 218 Wethington Building. Users have found the open labs helpful as they get individual assistance with time entry, personnel actions, and other HR/Payroll transactions and tasks.

The Open Labs are scheduled through December 22 and users are encouraged to continue to take advantage of this support.

Meetings Scheduled for Deferred Pay Discussion 07/11/06

Two Town Hall meetings on Deferred Pay are scheduled for

Wednesday July 19, 2006, 10 – 11 a.m., in Center Auditorium ( UK Student Center)
Thursday July 20, 2006,    1-2 p.m., in 201 College of Nursing  Building

UK staff members with responsibility for faculty information in IRIS should plan to attend to learn more about deferred pay for 9- and 10-month faculty members. Topics to be covered include:  

  • Proper hiring procedures
  • Pay rate determination for IT 0008 Basic Pay
  • Integration of Pay with Benefits, using True Annual Salary on IT 0008 Basic Pay.
  • Explanation of how Deferred Pay “buckets” are paid out during the year.


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