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February 15, 2007


What SIS functionality will not be replaced by Campus Management on February 26?

Answer:  All SIS functionality will be replaced on February 26, 2007.

Can anyone, other than the instructor of record, upload grades from Blackboard?

Answer: Grades are uploaded to Blackboard by class.  If the user can do appraisals (grading) for the class in CM, the user also can pull grades over to Blackboard.

Will Microsoft Vista work with Campus Management and/or the portal?

Answer:  Users who enter Campus Management through the portal can use Microsoft Vista.  Power users (those with SAPGUI loaded on their desktops) should continue to use Internet Explorer 6.0.  Internet Explorer 7.0 has presented some problems for those who use the Financial Aid client and the FES client. Therefore, the project team is not yet ready to release all users to Internet Explorer 7.0.

Will Campus Management work on a Mac/Apple computer?

Answer: Users who enter Campus Management through the portal can use Mac/Apple computers or the Linux operating system. The browser requirement is Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 1.0+.  Power users (those with SAPGUI loaded on their desktops) must use Windows PCs.

What is the plan for faculty members who have not electronically entered grades by the due date?

Answer:  The Office of the University Registrar will contact college deans for courses with missing grades.

I am an employee who is also a student.  My name is different in the HR/Payroll module and in SIS.  When data is converted into Campus Management, will information that is different in the modules (HR/Payroll and Campus Management) be overridden by one of the modules?

Answer:  Master data, which includes demographic information, is separate data for each module, but is tied together by a single identification number.  Master data can be corrected.  Please notify your business officer for correction of HR/Payroll master data or Michelle Nordin for correction of Campus Management master data.   

Can I review past semesters’ information from SIS in Campus Management?

Answer:  Yes, it will be converted into Campus Management.

There is a delay in switching students in the Medical Center from Active Directory accounts to MC accounts. Can this delay be eliminated?

Answer:  All students are assigned a UK e-mail address and Active Directory account (AD) when they are admitted to the university.  There are requirements in the Medical Center for students to have MC accounts, rather than AD accounts.  The Customer Service Center handles the movement of the student account from one domain to another.  In might be possible to notify the Customer Service Center with entire classes of students to be moved at one time prior to their coming to campus.

Will data entry conventions be enforced in Campus Management?

Answer:  Guidelines for data conventions will be published and users strongly encouraged to follow the conventions. 

Does the system require students to regularly update addresses?

Answer:  After signing on to Campus Management, students will be prompted to update addresses, enter expected graduation date, and accept the Student Statement of Obligation.

Can professional students update their addresses through the portal?

Answer:  Yes.

How will students learn their Campus Management identification number?

Answer:  The number will be listed on the front of the new Student Identification card and will also be displayed in the web payment section of myUK.

Will students need to know their Campus Management identification number?

Answer:  Students will not need the Campus Management identification number to sign on to the system.    

What is the relationship between Campus Management and APEX?

Answer:  SIS currently feeds information to APEX.  When we go live with Campus Management, the feed to APEX will be from Campus Management. Access to APEX can be gained by single sign-on through the portal. 

Will the Fall Semester courses automatically roll to the new course scheduling software?

Answer:  Yes.

Is there a timeout feature on the portal?

Answer:  Timeout will occur if a key is not touched for 60 minutes.

 Can more than one advisor be entered for a student?

Answer:  Yes, students can have unlimited advisors in Campus Management. 

Will prerequisites be enforced in Campus Management?

Answer:  As in SIS, prerequisites will be enforced in Campus Management, as requested by an academic area.

Who is responsible for adding statuses in Campus Management?

Answer:  The area responsible for the status will maintain that status, as in SIS.  For example, the Honors Program will maintain the status of Honors in IRIS-Campus Management.