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October Go Live facts and figures

  • During the first week of live production for IRIS Financials, Purchasing, and Student Accounting, the Command Center averaged 76 calls per day. October 3 was the busiest day, with 102 calls on record. During week two, the number of calls averaged 60 per day.


  • Command Center workers use a call-tracking system and open a ticket for each individual call to document the question and its resolution. Of the more than 500 tickets created and worked during the first two weeks of live production, fewer than 30 remain open at this time.


  • Questions are categorized by functional area (e.g., Purchasing). The categories of Accounts Payable and General Accounting tallied the highest number of calls.


  • While users posed various kinds of questions for each functional area, security and access problems accounted for a large number of the calls.


  • The Customer Service Center (help desk), acting as the front door for the Command Center operation, processed 41 calls (most of which concerned Active Directory accounts) during the first week.


  • The walk-in centers across campus experienced light traffic. Those who sought assistance received individual help with transaction and process questions.


  • On average 500 individual users are logging on each day to IRIS. The largest concurrent use - 190 users – occurred on October 3. For week two, average concurrent use numbered 100.


  • Accounts Payable check writing activity ranged from 75 vendor payments produced on October 3 to 430 generated on October 6 (typical of FRS activity level).


  • During the first week of production, users created 200 requisitions and 260 purchase orders.


  • The IRIS Command Center will be operational through November 16.


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