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IRIS Project News Release

IRIS Project Update – Training to begin August 1

UK employee training for IRIS begins officially on August 1. The first wave of training is designed to support the October 1 Go Live date for Financials, Procurement, and Student Accounting. Following the principle of “just-in-time” instruction, the IRIS Training Team will offer classes over a nine-week period. Key points about IRIS training are listed below to help staff members understand how the program will operate.

Identification of employees to be trained

Employees in positions that require understanding of processes and software use for the components coming up on October 1 will receive training first. The university’s Area Security Officers have worked with business officers and IRIS leadership to identify all employees who need training now, and more specifically, which classes each person needs. These employees will receive communication about training that includes the curriculum planned specifically for them.

Three-level curriculum developed

The IRIS Training Team led by Diana Sage has built a three-level curriculum. Level one involves SAP awareness and navigation and serves as a prerequisite to all other courses. Level two classes focus on business processes in the system. Trainees will progress to level three classes that address specific transactions related to user roles. As Sage explains, “We are conducting role-based training specifically with the level three courses. This means that individuals will only attend the classes that are related to functions they perform for the University. For example, if you create requisitions, you will attend a four-hour requisition class. If you also receive the items, you will attend a two-hour receiving class.”

Training and security

Access to the IRIS production system will be tied to training and testing. Employees receive access only after completing required training and demonstrating competency. Through quizzes given at the end of level three courses, employees will show their understanding of the new system. Employees may retake quizzes, and assistance will be provided to anyone who experiences difficulty with using the software or understanding new processes.

Training calendar and registration

Employees should register for their required classes soon and try to complete the training as early as possible. The IRIS Training Team estimates that as many as 13 classroom sites will be operational for this initial training effort. Not all classes will be offered every day. The introductory classes required for everyone will be offered primarily in August and early September. In addition to instructor-led training, some employees may benefit from web-based instruction when they need to learn how to view records. Others in specialized roles can anticipate some desk-side coaching.

When registering, each employee must provide: Active Directory (AD or MC) log on ID; department name; email address; and phone number.

More than 2,000 employees must get trained before October 1, so registering for required courses is mandatory.

Future training opportunities

Not all courses related to the first modules to go live will be offered before October 1. Some offerings, such as those related to year-end closing and other advanced topics, will come later.