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IRIS Project News Release

IRIS project identifies partners

The Integrated Resource Information Systems (IRIS) Project recently selected implementation partners for the multi-year endeavor to replace the institution’s administrative computing systems.

The University of Kentucky chose SAP as the software vendor for IRIS in March 2004 and now will utilize SAP Public Services, Sigma Systems, and Labyrinth Solutions (LSI) to implement the SAP software solution.

According to Phyllis Nash, IRIS project director, these vendors will serve as consultants and will transfer knowledge, enabling UK to manage the integrated system in the future. LSI will help implement the Finance and Materials Management modules, while SAP will guide the university in the Human Resources/Payroll, Campus Management, and Technical and Applications components. Sigma will coach on the student financial aid portion of campus management. SAP Public Services, uniquely qualified in full integration, will play a partner role in overall project management.

During the next six months, the IRIS Project Team and its partners will examine UK business procedures and begin what is known as “blueprinting,” or mapping future processes and activities to the software solution.

SAP and LSI consultants officially joined the IRIS Office on July 12 to begin what Nash described as “an exciting and fruitful partnership with UK.”