When running the DjVu Browser Plug-in for the first time, you may want to customize some of the settings. To do so, click the Preferences button in the pop-up menu. The Preferences dialog box appears with several settings that you can adjust. The table below describes each of these settings.

Table 10: Preferences settings
Display & Printer preferences
Here you can adjust the gamma correction for your monitor. Drag the slider until all four squares look approximately the same.
Magnifying glass preferences

These settings define the magnifying glass. The plug-in can display a magnifying glass to closely observe the details of a portion of the image. See Using the Magnifying Glass for more details.

Size is the size of the magnifying glass, which is displayed as a square of the given size. Zoom is the zoom factor used to magnify the image portion viewed with the magnifying glass.
Hyperlink Preferences:
"Draw using simple border"
"Show all hyperlinks"

On slow machines, displaying hyperlinks may take some precious resources and slow things down. To prevent this from happening you can check "Draw using simple border". Once it is checked, all hyperlinks will be drawn using the XOR method directly into the window.

In addition, sometimes you may want to see all hyperlinks on a given page. To make all hyperlinks on a document visible, you can press a magic key (press and keep it pressed for some time), which is customizable in the "Show all hyperlinks" key dialog box. The default magic key is SHIFT.

Cache preferences
The DjVu plug-in uses cache to store decoded pages in memory. This preference setting allows you to set the size of the cache.
Please note that a page can be decoded, but not rendered. "Decoding" is the first stage of page preparation. After a page has been decoded, it is still stored in a somewhat compressed state in memory until it is rendered for displaying on the screen.
The Decoded pages cache is automatically turned off for files with no .djvu or .djv extension. Web developers can turn this cache on or off using either EMBED flags or CGI arguments.
The Clear Cache button clears all cached documents from the cache.
Toolbar preferences
Enable/Auto Hide
You can customize the pop-up toolbar displayed at the top or bottom of the DjVu plug-in window. You can disable the pop-up toolbar completely, or set it to appear only when the mouse is on top of or near it.
Note that the toolbar is never displayed in small EMBED windows if more than half of it would not be visible.
Zoom preferences
Favor fast zooming for "Fit" resolutions setting tells the plug-in how to scale an image in "Fit Width" and "Fit Page" resolutions. The internal rendering code is the fastest at magnifications represented by integer numbers. On fast machines you won't notice the difference, but on slower machines you may want to check this checkbox to gain some speed. When it is checked (default) the plug-in will find the closest integer magnification and display the image so that it still fits (width or page), but not necessarily precisely. If this is checked, the plug-in selects optimal resolutions while you Zoom In or Zoom Out.
Thumbnails preferences
If Fast Thumbnails is checked, the plug-in will display the thumbnail image only for those pages for which the image is available. It will not try to download the page and prepare thumbnails; it will display a default image for those pages. Please see Displaying document thumbnails for more information.
If Smart Thumbnails is checked, the plug-in will download and display all visible thumbnails onscreen first and then download those remaining. This can be combined with Fast Thumbnails to ensure only visible thumbnails are downloaded and displayed.
Save preferences
Unless checked, all changes in the preferences will affect only the currently loaded instance of the plug-in. If you want to save changes to disk, make sure that this check box is checked.
Set defaults
When checked, the default settings return to their original preferences at the time of installation. You might wish to do this if you have made many changes since installing the plug-in, and want to return to the original defaults.
Set Defaults

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