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Report Ethical Issue

To report an ethical issue, you may call 1-877-898-6072, file a report online, or contact your supervisor/chain of command, through the Office of Legal Counsel, or through member(s) of the Ethics Committee. Click here for details.

Links to applicable KRS provisions for Open Records and Open Meetings

Open Records:

.870 Definitions for KRS 61.872 to 61.884.

.871 Policy of KRS 61.870 to 61.884 -- Strict construction of exceptions of KRS 61.878.

.8715 Legislative findings.

.872 Right to inspection -- Limitation.

.874 Abstracts, memoranda, copies -- Agency may prescribe fee -- Use of nonexempt public records for commercial purposes -- Online access.

.8745 Damages recoverable by public agency for person's misuse of public records.

.876 Agency to adopt rules and regulations.

.878 Certain public records exempted from inspection except on order of court -- Restriction of state employees to inspect personnel files prohibited.

.880 Denial of inspection -- Role of Attorney General.

.882 Jurisdiction of Circuit Court in action seeking right of inspection -- Burden of proof -- Costs -- Attorney fees.

.884 Person's access to record relating to him.

Open Meetings:

.800 Legislative statement of policy.

.805 Definitions for KRS 61.805 to 61.850.

.810 Exceptions to open meetings.

.815 Requirements for conducting closed sessions.

.820 Schedule of regular meetings to be made available.

.823 Special meetings -- Emergency meetings.

.825 Repealed, 1992.

.826 Video teleconferencing of meetings.

.830 Repealed, 1992.

.835 Minutes to be recorded -- Open to public.

.840 Conditions for attendance.

.845 Repealed, 1992.

.846 Enforcement by administrative procedure -- Appeal.

.848 Enforcement by judicial action -- De novo determination in appeal of Attorney General's decision -- Voidability of action not substantially complying -- Awards in willful violation actions.

.850 Construction.



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