University of Kentucky




Henry Clay
Last Will and Testament
The King Library Press, Lexington, 1991


THE WILL OF HENRY CLAY has been set from the original, in Clay's hand, kept in the vault of the Fayette County Clerk's office. At least three other variant copies are known to exist: the will as it was probated, in the hand of James A. Grimstead, Clerk, Fayette County Will Book T; a copy among the papers of James O. Harrison, Clay's friend and attorney, now in the Library of Congress; and a copy among the papers of Henry Clay Simpson, in the possession of Mrs. Simpson, in Lexington.

In setting the text, we have interpreted as faithfully as possible Clay's own hand, and followed his spelling & punctuation throughout.

Steve Armstrong has cut the wood engraving of Clay used as the frontispiece, and that of Clay's home, Ashland, for the tailpiece.

Set by hand in Joseph Blumenthal's Emerson type, with Caslon used for display, one hundred-fifty copies have been printed on Rives Heavyweight paper on the press of Gravesend, by Greg Davidson, Dave Elbon, Karen Ellenberg, Allan Hetzel, Paul Holbrook, B.J. McClure, & Melissa Sutherland at the King Library Press.