Author Unknown
Typographia. An ode, on printing.
King Library Press, Lexington, 1995

A printing of a section of an eighteenth century poem on printing.


THE Title Page is a facsimile of the 1730 Pamphlet, believed by some to be the first issue of William Parks' Press. It was the first book printed in the American Colonies relating to the Art of Printing, and one of the earliest issues of the Old Dominion. A three-page charge to the Grand Jury by the Governor, William Gooch, may, however, have been printed earlier. Parks printed the Virginia Gazette, the first newspaper South of the Potomac, and issued it from his Williamsburg office until his death in 1750. The Author of the Typographia may have been John Markland, an Attorney of the County of New Kent, Virginia.

Printed as a Keepsake by the Participants in the 1995 King Library Press Fall Seminar in Graphic Design Designing Books at Colonial Williamsburg with Helen Mageras, Senior Book Designer at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.



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