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Accomodation of Students With Disabilities

If a student with a documented disability requires academic modifications or accomodation for your course, they must provide you with a Letter of Accomodation from the UK Disability Resource Center (DRC). If a student is not registered with the DRC, they may contact Jake Karnes via email at or by telephone 859-257-2754. They may also visit the DRC website for information on how to register for services as a student with a disability:

All university instructors are required to make reasonable accomodations for physical and/or learning disabilities that could inhibit student academic success. The Disability Resource Center certifies the need for and specifies the accomodations needed on a student-by-student basis. Faculty should request this certification from any student requesting such an accomodation. However, once presented with such certification, please refrain from asking questions regarding what justified such accomodations. Staff of the Center can also answer questions and provide guidance and assistance.  (Contact Mr. Jake Karnes, 257-2754). A statement similar to the following placed in the syllabus would benefit students who might have special needs:

Any student with a disability who is taking this course and needs classroom or exam accomodations should contact the Disability Resource Center, 257-2754, Room 2 Alumni Gym,