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If a student believes he or she received an unfair grade on a particular paper, test, or other assignment, or believes his or her final course grade is unfair, the student is encouraged to share his or her concerns with the instructor of the course and the Chair (or Director) of the Department. If the issue cannot be resolved, the student may discuss the matter with the Academic Ombud who may, with the student's permission, contact the instructor for his/her perspective and assess the merit of the case. The Ombud may attempt to resolve or mediate the dispute.  

If the grade dispute involves a final grade and the Ombud cannot resolve the issue informally, the student may choose to appeal the final grade to the University Appeals Board. The University Appeals Board is the only entity on campus that can modify a grade other than the instructor. Should a the student wish to pursue an appeal, he or she will be asked to make the case in writing and the instructor will then be contacted for his/her perspective. If the Ombud determines that the student's case has merit, the matter will be sent to the University Appeals Board for a hearing; however, if the Ombud determines that the case does not have merit, the student will be notified in writing and will then have 30 days to appeal directly to the University Appeals Board to request in writing that a hearing be granted.

There is a 180 day statute of limitations for grade appeals.

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For the Senate Rule regarding grades, see Senate Rule 6.1.3 B .

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