To find a student or students you may click on: 1) the Kentucky or State/International tab; 2) the state or county on the map; 3) the county or state name under the map; 4) or type a zip code or student name in the search boxes.

To generate a county or state spreadsheet make sure the county or state name appears in the right-side list in the left-hand column. Click on that county or state name so the column is highlighted. Click and choose Crosstab. A small box will appear saying the Crosstab has been generated, then click on the Download tab.

To view previous years' lists click on the drop-down list below Academic Term. View the previous "version" of the lists here.

You may also the list, view it and download an image, data or PDF version by choosing on the appropriate tab.

If assistance is needed with referencing this list, please contact UK Public Relations at (859) 257-1754.

STUDENTS NEEDING CORRECTIONS to their information should contact the appropriate dean's office. Please note that not all counties or states have students making this semester's list. This student information is provided as a public relations service to newspapers and should not be used for commercial or other contact purposes.