Text for slide 1: Small and Select. Keeping our program intimate - we aim to admit only 35 new students each year - ensures an exceptional level of attention, instruction and interaction.

Text for slide 2: The 'Green' Choice. Our world-class, low cost program - with tuition rates 50-75% below key competitors - is a best buy.

Text for slide 3: Our Faculty. Top scholars and professionals drawn from diplomacy, defense, commerce, development and intelligence bring real world, real time experience to the classroom.

Text for slide 4: Speaker Program. Policymakers, professors, corporate leaders, and political activists who visit the Patterson School not only speak, but also meet and dine with our students.

Text for slide 5: Corporate Engagement. Visits to headquarters and manufacturing facilities of major corporations provide invaluable insights on business and trade.

Text for slide 6: Student Internships. Students spread across the nation and globe, sharpening skills learned in class while building professional experience.

Text for slide 7: Lots of Options. Innovative programs can be tailored to match your ambition and interests by tapping UK’s wide range of schools and colleges

Text for slide 8: Teamwork -- Network. Our close-knit, multifaceted program is designed to enhance teamwork and establish a bond with classmates that will last a lifetime.

Text for slide 9: For half a century we have focused on one thing above all others - providing exemplary graduate education in international affairs.

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Collaborative Learning

Director's Welcome

Ambassador Cavanaugh in Fallujah, IraqLooking across the Yalu River into North Korea, it is striking how much borders continue to profoundly shape our world. Borders set the patterns of most human movement and trade, separate the haves from the have-nots, and provide the spark for many conflicts. At the same time, they’ve proven no match for some of today’s greatest international concerns. more »

India Diplomacy

Visiting Professor of Diplomatic Practice Anupam Ray New to the Patterson School faculty lineup this Fall is Visiting Professor of Diplomatic Practice Anupam Ray. Ray returned to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi in 2011, serving as deputy coordinator of the 2012 BRICS Summit, director in India's new Development Partnership Administration (their equivalent of USAID or DFID), and most recently as a director in personnel. From 2008-2011, Ray was deputy head of India's United Nations Security Council team in New York. Earlier diplomatic postings included London, Dhaka, and Bonn. He has been assigned to the Patterson School for two years.

Experiential Learning. Coca-Cola Company World Headquarters, Atlanta

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35New students each year
73Total students
10Core faculty
32Support faculty
$12,214Tuition: KY/South
$25,995Tuition: Others


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36 Students Movie Spring Break: Chicago
Chicago/Indiana outreach trip to corporations, government agencies and NGOs.



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