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Concurrent Degree with Gatton College of Business and Economics

Gatton College

Former House Speaker Tip O'Neill's maxim all politics is local is no longer sufficient. Today's politics and business are local and global, demanding ever greater professional training and skills. In response, the Patterson School and the Gatton College of Business and Economics offer the opportunity for students to pursue concurrently both the MA in Diplomacy and International Commerce and the MBA degrees, or the Patterson degree and a master's in Economics. Patterson/MBA and Patterson/MA-Economics students are typically able to complete both degree programs in five semesters. Students must meet the admission requirements of and apply to the two programs independently.

Concurrent Degree with UK College of Law

UK College of Law

Negotiations and other interactions at the international level increasingly have legal aspects, and the practice of law in today's interconnected world requires an understanding of how global systems work. As a result, there is a growing need for professionals trained in both international affairs and law. This dual degree program offers both the MA in Diplomacy and International Commerce and the JD degrees in four years instead of the four and one-half years that would be required if the degrees were pursued separately. To earn the JD/MA, the students must satisfy the requirements of both the law college and the Patterson School. Students must apply formally and independently to both programs and must meet the admissions standards of each.

Concurrent Degree with UK Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

The combination of masters degrees in German or French and Francophone Studies and Diplomacy and International Commerce can be of immense value to an individual striving to advance in our increasingly globalized world. These "world languages," when coupled with the professional skills the Patterson School offers, can open the door to rewarding careers. French (an official UN language) is particularly useful in development and diplomatic work, while German remains significant for business. Additional general information can be found here. Combinations may also be possible for students pursuing an MA in Teaching World Languages or in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Graduate Certificate Program in Global Health with College of Public Health

Center for Disease Control, Atlanta

Expansion in global communication, travel, and trade has increased the need for professionals who understand the ever-increasing range of public health issues that transcend international borders. This program produces graduates with international, interdisciplinary skills in areas such as disease and injury prevention, health care, and other health-related disciplines.  With careful selection of classes and a health-related overseas internship, both the Patterson School degree and certificate program can be completed in the normal 18-month period. Interested students should explore early certificate requirements (PDF) and approved coursework (PDF).


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