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Our superb core faculty — comprised of scholars and former officials from the worlds of diplomacy, development, defense, commerce and intelligence — remain close to the policymaking process, bringing real world, real time experience to the classroom. They are frequent travelers to Washington, New York, London, Brussels and Beijing (but also Israel, Turkey, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Taiwan), criss-crossing the country and globe, making presentations, consulting, conducting research or advancing special projects for the US government, United Nations, European Commission or the NGO community. These faculty members are distinguished by their commitment to teaching, scholarship, and public service. Their institutional connections and personal contacts can prove invaluable when it comes to ferreting out internships and professional opportunities for our students, and career openings for our graduates.

Student engagement with the Patterson School core faculty is substantial, given the intimate size of the program, our exclusive focus on masters degree students (no competition with PhD students or undergraduates), and the wide range of co-curricular activities.

Patterson School Core Faculty

Core Faculty

Carey Cavanaugh | 461 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4666 | Fax 859-257-4676

Carey Cavanaugh

Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh came to the Patterson School after a Foreign Service career centered on conflict resolution, political-military affairs, and humanitarian issues. In addition to Washington assignments in the State Department, Pentagon, and on Capitol Hill, Ambassador Cavanaugh served in Berlin, Moscow, Tbilisi, Rome, and Bern. In 1992, he established the first US Embassy to the new Republic of Georgia, serving as Chargé d'affaires. Under Presidents Clinton and Bush, he spearheaded or helped advance peace efforts involving Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Turkey. His final government assignment was foreign policy/political advisor to Admiral Mike Mullen.

Professor Cavanaugh earned his B.A. at the University of Florida, his M.A. at the University of Notre Dame, with four years additional graduate work at Notre Dame and the Army Russian Institute in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. In 1991, he was an APSA Congressional Fellow. Cavanaugh is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Institute for Strategic Studies and serves as a director and trustee of Conciliation Resources, a British NGO focused on conflict prevention and peace building around the world.

Areas of Specialization

Conflict Resolution, Diplomacy, Mediation, U.S. Foreign Policy, Arms Control, Europe, Russia and the Caucasus.

Kathleen Montgomery | 443 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-8261 | Fax 859-257-4676

Kathleen Montgomery

Kathleen Montgomery, Associate Professor, spent more than a decade leading USAID-funded trade projects as 'Chief of Party' before coming to the Patterson School. These assignments include the East Africa Trade Hub in Nairobi, the Trade Facilitation Project in Ramallah, West Bank and the Southern Africa Trade Hub in Gabarone. She also worked in other capacities in development and commerce-related projects in Islamabad, Amman, and Kabul. Montgomery received her B.A. from the College of William and Mary and immediately afterward served in Benin as a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching physics and chemistry, as well as helping develop a small batik business with a local women's group. She later received an M.S. (Agricultural Economics) and Ph.D. (Economics) from Pennsylvania State University and taught economics for five years at UK's Gatton College of Business.

Areas of Specialization

International Trade, Development, International Economics, Africa, Middle East.

Stacy Closson | 439 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-5201 | Fax 859-257-4676 | http://www.uky.edu/~scl223/

Stacy Closson

Stacy Closson, Assistant Professor, came to the Patterson School directly from the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington, DC. She received her Ph.D. in international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science and her masters from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. Dr. Closson was also a Transatlantic Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Center for Security Studies in Zurich and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin. From 1996-1998, Dr. Closson was a Presidential Management Fellow at the Department of Defense attached at intervals to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (J-5), the Senate Appropriations Committee, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, and the Defense Attaché Office in Ukraine. She then served for four years as the Ukraine and Caucasus Desk Officer in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Professor Closson was selected in 2011 as one of 75 "emerging leaders for environmental and energy policy" by the Atlantic Council and is also a Fellow of the Truman National Security Project. She is the author, with Evan Hillebrand, of Energy, Economic Growth and Geopolitical Futures.

Areas of Specialization

Geopolitics, Energy Security, Unrecognized States, Civil-Military Relations, Russia, Caucasus, Central Asia

Robert M. Farley | 1177 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4668 | Fax 859-257-4676 | http://www.uky.edu/~rmfarl2

Robert Farley

Robert Farley, Senior Lecturer, has worked at the Patterson School since 2005. He received his B.A. from the University of Oregon and his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Washington. He is the author of Grounded: The Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force, The Battleship Book, and an extensive array of articles on airpower, maritime strategy, and national security affairs. His research investigates the diffusion of military technology and ideas across the international system. Dr. Farley teaches courses and seminars on defense and national security.

Areas of Specialization

Military Doctrine, Transnational Politics, National Security.

Karen Mingst | 455 Patterson Office Tower

Karen Mingst

Karen A. Mingst retired from the Patterson School in December 2015 following decades of service to the University of Kentucky. She was the Earl and Jean Lockwood Professor of International Commerce and Entrepreneurship, but also maintained a joint appointment with the Department of Political Science where she had served as Chair from 1993-1999. She joined the Patterson School in 2002. Professor Mingst received her B.A. from Colorado College and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. She taught earlier at Louisiana State University and the University of Maine, and was the recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships to Africa. Professor Mingst's published works include Essentials of International Relations, The United States and Multilateral Institutions, and Politics and the African Development Bank. She is also co-author of United Nations in the Twenty First Century and International Organizations: The Politics and Processes of Global Governance.

Areas of Specialization

International Cooperation, International Organization, Non-governmental Organizations, International Law.

Gregory Hall | | 441 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4671

Gregory Hall

Gregg Hall, associate professor, joined the Patterson School in 2016. His areas of teaching and expertise include international relations and security, foreign policy, international political economy, Eurasian affairs, and, research methodology. Prior to joining the Patterson School, Dr. Hall served as Head of the Department of Political Science and Director of the International Studies Program at Morehouse College. His most recent book is titled Authority, Ascendancy, and Supremacy: China, Russia, and the United States’ Pursuit of Relevancy and Power. Hall completed his Ph.D. in Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations from Howard University.

Areas of Specialization

International Cooperation, International Organization, South-South Relations.

John E. Charalambakis | 1101 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4666 | Fax 859-257-4676

John E. Charalambakis

John E. Charalambakis, Lecturer, has worked as a consultant for government agencies, corporations, and non-profit groups in several countries, including providing recent support to the newly established Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. He also serves as managing director of the BlackSummit Financial Group. Dr. Charalambakis was Professor of Economics at Asbury College for twenty years. He earned his BA from the Athens School of Economics and Business, his MBA from Roosevelt University, and his Ph.D. from the University of East London. He is the author of The Fed, the Markets, and the Metamorphosis of the Business Cycle. One of his principal areas of interest is identifying the factors that lead to the creation and sustainment of a middle class in different societies.

Areas of Specialization

International Financial Markets, Economic Forecasting, International Development.

Ying-Juan Rogers | 1101 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4666 | Fax 859-257-4676

Ying-Juan Rogers

Ying-Juan Rogers, Adjunct Professor, first began working in trade as an analyst with the Foreign Commercial Service at the US Consulate General in Guangzhou, China. She made a career as an international trade specialist and manager in the private sector, working in both California and Kentucky. Rogers is currently Executive Vice President and Trade Mission Lead at the World Trade Center Kentucky. Rogers is currently President of Birtley Industrial Equipment, a Chinese-owned clean coal equipment manufacturer. Previously, she was the Executive Vice President at the World Trade Center Kentucky for twelve years handling international trade regulation, policy and import/export activities. She earned her BA from Wuhan University, did graduate study in Beijing at the Foreign Affairs College (now China Foreign Affairs University) and in France at Paris Law School. She also obtained a Certificate of International Studies from Sciences Po in Paris. She received her M.A. from the Patterson School in 1992.

Areas of Specialization

Trade Promotion, Import/Export Compliance, Market Research, Business Development.

Max Wise | 1101 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4666 | Fax 859-257-4676

Max Wise

Max Wise, Adjunct Professor, is currently Assistant Professor of Political Science at Campbellsville University where he also serves as the lead faculty member for the Homeland Security program. He is also State Senator (R) from Kentucky's 16th district. Before coming to Campbellsville University, he worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, serving first in the counterterrorism division at headquarters in Washington, DC and later with the Louisville Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center. Wise received his MA from the Patterson School in 1999 and holds a graduate Certificate in Homeland Security from Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service.

Areas of Specialization

Intelligence, Homeland Security, Counter-Terrorism.

John D. Stempel | 455 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4666 | Fax 859-257-4676 | http://www.uky.edu/~stempel

John D. Stempel

John Stempel retired after twenty-six years with the Patterson School, serving first as associate director from 1988, director from 1993-2003, and finally senior professor. He became professor emeritus in December 2013. His research and teaching focused on diplomacy, cross-cultural communication, and Middle East politics. Before coming to the University of Kentucky, Stempel was a career American Foreign Service officer. His twenty-three year State Department career included overseas postings focused on political and economic affairs in Guinea, Burundi, Zambia, and Iran. In Washington, he was assigned to both the State and Defense Departments, and served as director of State's Operations Center. He was also diplomat-in-residence at the U.S. Naval Academy. Stempel's final diplomatic assignment was Consul General in Madras (now Chennai), India. Stempel is the author of Inside the Iranian Revolution and Common Sense and Foreign Policy. He received his A.B. from Princeton and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a trustee of Georgetown College.

Areas of Specialization

Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Near Eastern Politics, Cross Cultural Negotiation, Iran, and India.

George Herring | 455 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4666 | Fax 859-257-4676

George Herring

George Herring retired after thirty-six years at the University of Kentucky, including eleven as chair of the Department of History. He was visiting professor at the U.S. Military Academy and the University of Richmond, as well as a Fulbright Scholar in New Zealand. Herring's connection to the Patterson School started in the 1970s. He received his B.A. from Roanoke College and his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.

Professor Herring's research centered on U.S. foreign relations. His most recent work is From Colony to Superpower: American Foreign Relations Since 1776, (part of the Oxford History of the United States). Other published works include The Diaries of Edward R. Stettinius; America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975; The Secret Diplomacy of the Vietnam War: The "Negotiating Volumes" of the Pentagon Papers; and LBJ and Vietnam: A Different Kind of War. Professor Herring is one of the nation's foremost experts on the Vietnam War.

Nations where core faculty have spent time

Agricultural Economics Professor Jerry SkeesThe core faculty represent only the top of the pyramid of expertise available to Patterson School students. Substantial academic depth and breadth are provided by associated/support faculty. These scholars serve as professors across the University of Kentucky's many colleges, schools, and departments. Their extensive course offerings and multifaceted research provide the broad interdisciplinary support our students require to achieve their professional goals and be competitive in the international arena.

Visiting professors, researchers, lecturers, and experts provide additional opportunities for informative, intellectual discussion with Patterson School students and faculty members.

Associated / Support Faculty

James C. Albisetti | 1767 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4343

James C. Albisetti, Professor of History, received his B.A. from Amherst and his Ph.D. from Yale. His primary areas of specialization are German History, European Social History, and Women’s History. His current research interests include comparative study of female education in nineteenth-century Europe and Jewish Germans who became English Unitarians.

Horace Bartilow | 1641 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-7031

Horace Bartilow, Associate Professor of Political Science, received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany. His areas of specialization include International Political Economy, International Relations, American Foreign Policy, and Race Relations. His most recent work is The Debt Dilemma: IMF Negotiations in Jamaica, Grenada, and Guyana.

Douglas Boyd | 101J Main Building | Phone 859-257-1705

Douglas Boyd, Professor of Communications, received his B.F.A. from the University of Texas-Austin and his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He currently also serves as Chief of Staff to University of Kentucky President Lee T. Todd, Jr. He specializes in international broadcasting and new media technology.

Francie Chassen-Lopez | 1771 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4344

Francie Chassen-Lopez received her B.A. from Vasser and her Ph.D. from the Universidad Nacional Modern Mexico in 1986. She lived and taught in Mexico for ten years before returning to the United States. She has served twice as director of Latin American Studies and is currently chair of the History Department. Her most recent book was From Liberal to Revolutionary Oaxaca. She specializes in Latin American History, Modern Mexico, Women and Gender in Latin America, and Race and Ethnicity in the Americas.

Robert Dahlstrom | 425L Gatton Building | Phone 859-257-6717

Robert Dahlstrom, Bloomfield Endowed Professor of Marketing in the Gatton College of Business and Economics, received his B.A. from Xavier and his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati. Some of the courses that he has taught include International Marketing Management, International Marketing, and a Seminar in International Business. He has repeatedly worked as a visiting professor and a Fulbright scholar at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo.

Walter Ferrier | 455X Gatton Building | Phone 859-257-9326

Walter Ferrier, Gatton Endowed Associate Professor of Management, received his M.A. from the Patterson School and his Ph.D. in strategic management from the University of Maryland. His research interests include patterns of competitive actions-reactions among rivals, top management team demographics and decision making, inter-firm social networks, and competitive strategy.

Gordon F. Holbein | 455J Gatton Building | Phone 859-257-6455

Gordon Holbein, Senior Lecturer, received his B.A. from Dartmouth, M.B.A. from Syracuse, and Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. He began teaching at Gatton College of Business and Economics in 1995. He specializes in contemporary management, business strategy and leadership, and international commerce.

P. P. Karan | 1439 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-6953

P. P. Karan, Professor of Geography, received his B.A. from Patna University, M.A. from Banaras Hindu University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Indiana. His research focuses on sustainable development and environmental management, with a recent emphasis on Nepal and the Himalaya region. His most recent books are The Non Western World (2004), Japan in the 21st Century (2005), and Local Environmental Movements: A Comparative Study of the United States and Japan (2008). Professor Karan also chairs the UK Japan Studies Committee. He specializes in development, geography of multinational corporations, society-environment relationships, Asia/Pacific, Japan, South Asia.

Mark Kightlinger | College of Law, Room 256 | Phone 859-257-4698

Mark Kightlinger began teaching at the University of Kentucky School of Law in 2004. He received his B.A. and M.A. from Cambridge University, his J.D. from Yale Law School, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Yale University in 1991. Particular areas of experience and interest include European Union laws, WTO issues, bio-terrorism, and immigration policy.

Donald Mullineaux | Gatton Building | Phone 859-257-2890

Donald Mullineaux, duPont Endowed Chair in Banking and Director of the School of Management, graduated from Boston College in 1971 with his Ph.D in Economics. He has taught at the University of Kentucky since 1984. Before that he was Senior Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and taught at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. His research interests include banking and financial services. Mullineaux is also currently curriculum director for the American Bankers Association Stonier Graduate School of Banking.

Angelos Pagoulatos | 404 Barnhart Building | Phone 859-257-3482

Angeolos Pagoulatos, Professor of Agricultural Economics, received his Laurea di Dottore at the University of Rome and his Ph.D. from Iowa State University. His areas of interest include natural resource and environmental economics.

Karen Petrone | 1701 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-4345

Karen Petrone, Professor of History and Director of Undergraduate Studies, received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1994. She specializes in cultural and gender history in modern Russia and the former Soviet Union. She spent time in Moscow during 1991-92 and saw firsthand the transition of the Soviet Union to Russia. Her most recent book is Life Has Become More Joyous, Comrades: Celebrations in the Time of Stalin.

Michael Reed | 308 Barnhart Building | Phone 859-257-7259

Michael Reed, Professor of Agricultural Economics and Director of International Programs for Agriculture, graduated from Iowa State University in 1979 with his Ph.D in economics. He joined the University of Kentucky in 1989. His areas of specialization include international trade, agricultural marketing, statistics, and price analysis. He is the author of International Trade in Agricultural Products.

Susan Roberts | 1471 Patterson Office Tower | Phone 859-257-2399

Susan Roberts, Professor of Geography and department chair, received her B.A. from the University of Leister and her Ph.D. from Syracuse University's Maxwell School. She taught at Anglia Polytechnic University in the United Kingdom before coming to the University of Kentucky in 1991. She is coauthor of An Unruly World? Geography, Globalization and Governance and is currently engaged in a project examining NGO transnational networks. She specializes in global political economy, the geography of financial capital, development, social, feminist theories, and the Caribbean.

Jerry R. Skees | 310 Barnhart Building | Phone 859-257-7262

Jerry Skees, Price Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1981. His areas of specialization include agricultural policy, risk, insurance, and rural development. He is also President of GlobalAgRisk, which aims through its policy-related research to mix markets and government in sharing natural hazard risk. His work on new livestock insurance in Mongolia won the World Bank's Golden Plough Award for innovation in 2006. Skees is the author of Sacred Cows and Hot Potatoes: Agrarian Myths and Agricultural Policy.

Steve Vasek | College of Law, Room 249 | Phone 859-257-3250

Steve Vasek, Associate Professor of Law, began teaching at the University of Kentucky in 1969. He received his B.A. in Business Administration and his J.D. from Northwestern University, as well as an LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School.

Professor Charalambakis' International Finance Seminar.

Patterson School | 455 POT, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0027 | 859-257-4666

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