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The Dining & Plus Account Office
Welcome to the Dining & Plus Account Office

Merchant Information

Each location accepting the UK Plus Account will need a Verifone Tranz 330 or 380, a Verifone Printer, and a telephone line. The UK Plus Account Office will charge a $35 annual software maintenance fee and a small percentage of sales.

In order to get started, complete an application (pdf). Fax the application to Stephanie Gibson at (859) 323-3837, e-mail the application to, or mail to: Stephanie Gibson, The Dining & Plus Account Office, 101 Student Center, Lexington, KY 40506-0030. Once the application is processed, we will mail a Plus Account Program Agreement to you for review. After you have acquired a VerifoneTranz 330 or 380, and printer, let us know and we will set up a time to meet. At that time we will sign the agreement and our office will program the Verifone and have your business accepting the UK Plus Account.


The Dining & Plus Account Office . University of Kentucky . 101 Student Center . Lexington, KY . 40506-0030 . (859) 257-6159 . fax (859) 323-3837

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