Federal Requirements
Based on Principles of Accreditation (2010 edition)

Item Team Lead Team Members Requirement Title Requirement Definition Draft Final



Roger Sugarman, Director of Institutional Research Roger Sugarman Student achievement The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement, including as appropriate, consideration of course completion, state licensing examinations, and job placement rates.    



Jeannine Blackwell, Dean of the Graduate School

Mary Davis
Melanie Hardin-Pierce
Brian Jackson (Lead)
Darrell Jennings
Gene Leach
Terry Malone
Bill Pfeifle
Frank Romanelli

Degree program curriculum The institution's curriculum is directly related and appropriate to the purpose and goals of the institution and the diplomas, certificates or degrees awarded.    
4.3* Don Witt, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Leslie Woltenberg
Brian Jackson
Stephen Barnett (Lead)
Publication of policies The institution makes available to students and the public current academic calendars, grading policies, and refund policies.    
4.4* Don Witt,Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Cleo Price
Mike Shanks (Lead)
Leslie Woltenberg
Degree program length Program length is appropriate for each of the institution's educational programs.    

Robert Mock, VP for Student Affairs

Richard Greissman, Assistant Provost for Program Support

Todd Cheever
Robert Mock
Richard Greissman(Lead)
Student complaints The institution has adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints and is responsible for demonstrating that it follows those procedures when resolving student complaints. (See Commission policy "Complaint Procedures for the Commission or its Accredited Institutions.")    
4.6* Don Witt, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Stephen Barnett (Lead)
Brian Troyer
Pat Bond
Recruitment materials Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution's practices and policies.    
4.7* Don Witt, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Lynda George (Lead)
Nimmi Wiggins
Title IV program responsibilities The institution is in compliance with its program responsibilities under Title IV of the 1998 Higher Education Amendments. (In reviewing the institution's compliance with these program responsibilities, the Commission relies on documentation forwarded to it by the U.S. Secretary of Education.)