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Welcome to the University of Kentucky Graduate Student Congress

Our mission is to unify and represent the graduate student body at the University of Kentucky in matters affecting the quality of graduate student life and work and to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and promote professional development for graduate students through seminars, forums, and social functions.

Visit us anytime to find updated information about events, resources, and to keep up with what GSC is doing for you!

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  • Student Fee Allocation Committee Applications are now open! The Student Fee Allocation Committee (SFAC) is a board that receives applications from interested organizations/departments seeking a mandatory student fee. SFAC reviews and selects applicants to be interviewed, and ultimately makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on the student fees and how they should be distributed.

    Applications and a one page resume are due Wednesday, October 11th at 5:00 PM. Resumes should be sent to Elizabeth Foster. All requirements of committee members are listed in the application form

  • Big Blue Family Care and Back-Up Care Solutions. Big Blue Family Care (BBFC) is a network of current UK students, who offer occasional caregiving (i.e. child care, pet care) to families of UK faculty and staff. Check this out for more information

  • Ride Home Express Tickets Now Available! Need a ride home, or just want to visit a big city over the holiday breaks? Please go and check it out on the Ride Home Express webpage. Make sure to also check the FAQ.


Fall 2017 Meeting Dates

  • Congress meetings (open to anyone)
  • 11 am at Young Library Multipurpose Room 108C
    • 09/07, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7

  • Committee meetings (open to anyone)
  • 11 am at Young Library HUB (basement)
    • 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/14

  • Board meetings (officers only)
  • 11 am at Gillis Conference room
    • 8/24, 9/21, 10/19, 11/16

  • Graduate School meetings (officers only)
  • 11 am at Gillis Conference room
    • 8/31, 9/28, 10/26

  • UK official meetings (officers only)
  • 3 pm at Gillis Conference room
    • 10/17

Upcoming events

Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) The workshops are over and the competion is starting next week: check it here.

Op-Ed workshops is designed to train experts to take thought leadership positions in the country. The goal is to help those of us in university settings translate our expertise to change minds and the the world. This is at the core of CESJ’s mission. Each day’s workshop will be a full day of training, plus lunch. Each day will hold 20 people, and they will be here for 3 days on October 11, 12, and 13. Spots are limited, so register soon. To register click here.

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