Advising Network Announcements

UK EA Announces Over $40,000 in Funding for International and Domestic Exchanges

UK Education Abroad & Exchanges (UK EA) is excited to announce a new 2018-19 scholarship and program fee reduction initiative for selected UK exchange partners around the world, ranging from $1,000-$5,000.

UK students who participate on an exchange program have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the language and culture of a host university, city and country. They enroll in courses at the host institution for a semester or academic year and earn transfer credit, while still paying their regular tuition to UK.

Exploratory Services in the Career Center

The Stuckert Career Center is happy to assist exploratory students in their academic and career journey. Students can schedule an appointment with our Major Exploratory Associate or a Career Advisor through Handshake. The Stuckert Career Center is also a great resource for students who may be exploring a major change. Let us know how we can help you and your students!



Marianne R. L. Young, M.S., Ed.S.

Off-Campus Student Services

Please see the attached list of Off-Campus Student Services' Resources.

Actions from October 9, 2017 Senate Meeting

Good afternoon, everyone. At the October 9, 2017 University Senate meeting, the items below were reviewed/approved.


Approved Senate Transmittal from October 20, 2017

Good afternoon, everyone. The Senate web transmittal from October 20 has been approved due to lack of objection. The programs approved can be found on this page (Please click on the link for the October 20 transmittal.) The courses that are in Curriculog can still be accessed by clicking on (in Curriculog) “Archived Agendas” and navigating to the Senate agenda for October 20.

This transmittal includes courses and programs from the colleges listed below.


Important information for School of Art minors for Spring 2018

The School of Art & Visual Studies will open registration for restricted courses to Digital Media, Art Studio, and Photography minors classified as Seniors only, at midnight on November 29. Please inform your advisees that all other minors will be able to register starting on November 30. Senior minors need to be proactive and take advantage of the window on November 29. Please see notes in the Course Catalog to determine which classes will open on November 29.

NEW Course in Family Sciences- FAM 475

FAM 475 Special Topics in Family Science: Family Financial Counseling (3 credits)

Health Sciences Course Promotion

The Division of Health Services Education and Research is offering the following courses in Spring 2018. These will be open to non-Health Sciences majors during the secondary registration window:
CLM 120 Careers in Clinical Leadership and Management
CLM 452-002 Community /Institutional Planning for Health Services Delivery
HHS 480-002 History of Health and Medicine in Kentucky

Spring 2018 Health Professions Exploration Courses (1 credit each)

College of Health Sciences offers seminars highlighting career opportunities in allied health professions in our "120 Series". Students can add one or more courses from the list below to meet currently working professionals in that health profession pathway and learn about career opportunities.

Spring 2018 Saturday Morning Clinics

I hope your fall semester is going well! Every year we invite pre-dental students across the state (and neighboring states) to gain shadowing hours at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry's student-run Saturday Morning Clinic. This is a free clinic for children across Fayette County to come get full dental work done.

The new dates for Spring 2018 Saturday Morning Clinic are below. Please feel free to pass this information along to your pre-dental students.